Pain, Perseverance, and Privilege
Pain, Perseverance, and Privilege
An Honest Sharing of Personal Struggles and Joys Through Fifty Years of Ministry.
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Seeking fruitfulness and not just productivity. Understanding how to make tough transitions in life. Looking at struggles not as problems to be solved, but as currents pushing us toward reliance on God. All this, and so much more, is found in the pages of this book. But the real genius of this book is this: that all of these lessons are embedded in the lives of two remarkable people, Carl and JoLynn Krause. They would be the first to tell you that it is their God who is remarkable. And that's true too! But in them we discover a humility, honesty, transparency, and moldability into which God has delightfully poured the deep truths of what it means to serve him well and walk with him intimately.

Dr. Douglas Baker

Lead Pastor, Faith Community Church, Carlsbad CA

Adjunct Professor, Biola University

"I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger"... lyrics from the pop song writer/singer Rod Stewart. Through Carl and JoLynns' life story and ministry, principles are presented in this memoir that are so real and beneficial to all. You will laugh; you will cry; you will identify and be blessed. They have experienced trials from both sides... the ones in need of God's loving care and then equipped as the caregivers. Thanks and God's continued blessings to the Krauses for loving and assisting our family, and so many others around the world, to make our calling possible. Their care along with God's intervention has rescued those who were drowning and breathed life back into their ministries in very difficult places.

Sharon Jorgensen

Throughout the pages of this book, our dear friends, Carl and JoLynn, have authentically described a courageous life dedicated to serving Jesus through their years of ministry. They are both honest and playful despite life and decisions not always going as they had hoped. Their infectious faith shines through in every chapter.

Dr. Steve and Patti Cappa, former directors of Marble Retreat Steve currently is a professor at Colorado Christian University Patti currently has a counseling practice in Grand Junction, Colorado

I just finished reading Pain, Perseverance, and Privilege. It was delightful, very interesting, and inspiring. I believe it will help lots of God's special folk.

-Melissa McBurney Co-founder Marble

Retreat Marble, Colorado

Each in their own way, the authors share personal struggles and joys from their years of ministry. Their honesty and openness will encourage any ministry worker. The book gives insight into understanding the heart of those in full-time Christian work.

They share the humorous, the painful, and the joyful experiences in an honest and straightforward way. From the Man with the Tan Briefcase to My Dad Doesn't Work, you will enjoy the many experiences and laugh, cry, and be encouraged.

Have you ever come to the place in your life where you said, "I can't do this any longer"? . . . I would say at these times, "I am a grinning idiot!" I just kept smiling at everyone in church even though I was tired and hurting. I just didn't want to be there some times. I carried everything on my shoulders-even the things I had no part in. I was at times so sick of being a pastor's wife. I wasn't tired of ministering to people but I was exhausted from church politics. I was weary of being on display. I was always having many people around me but few, if any, to really pour my heart out to. I didn't want to try to be super woman anymore! I felt trapped in the title of Pastor's Wife! Who was JoLynn anyway? Who cared to find out? I knew this was not a good place to be when I was self-focused, and I struggled to shake it off. In a sense I had been so people focused I hadn't taken care of myself emotionally or spiritually. Consequently my gift of discernment was marred.

Carl and JoLynn Krause have served together in ministry for over 50 years both as pastor and wife and as missionaries, teaching and counseling. In the last 15 years, they have counseled missionaries from 98 different mission organizations, serving in over 100 different countries through their ministry of Barnabas Zentrum.

Barnabas Zentrum is a counseling ministry for missionaries and Christian workers (see

They have lived in the Philippines, Ukraine, and Austria. They currently reside in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Carl holds a master of divinity and a doctor of ministry in marriage and family therapy from Denver Seminary. JoLynn holds a master's degree in counseling from Colorado Christian University.


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