Little Arms, Big Heart
Little Arms, Big Heart
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"Little Arms, Big Heart" presents the amazing life story of Nan Weaver who overcame a disability from birth and lived life to its fullest. The book is packed with inspiring stories from her life, her husband's life, and the lives of her children and grandchildren. As a strong believer she offers words of encouragement and hope to those who face difficulties throughout their lives. She writes with emotion and passion to motivate others to reach beyond their limitations and be an overcomer.

School Days

When I entered the second grade, there was this boy named Virgil who would ask me every morning what was wrong with my arms. I really got tired of him asking me that so I made up a story. I said, “Well, Virgil, this is what really happened. One morning my mother put my right arm in my coat sleeve and something ate up all my arm and fingers. Then she put my left arm in my coat sleeve and the same thing happened to my left arm and fingers.” By the time I had finished my story, Virgil’s eyes had become wide, and he said, “It did?” I said, “Yes, it really did happen.”

The only problem with my story was that Virgil told his mom. His mom saw my mom at a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting and told her what I had said to Virgil. She was very upset because Virgil would not wear his coat. He was afraid that he would lose his arms and fingers if he put his coat on. Mom got on to me and told me when I returned to school the next day that I was to tell Virgil it was not true. But you see, I did not tell him because I wanted him to keep believing my story. (My story seemed to satisfy his curiosity rather than the fact that I was born that way.) Virgil, if you are still around and ever read this book, I am sorry that I never told you the truth and that you had to endure the winters without your coat.

About the Author Nan Weaver tells her life story in the book "Little Arms, Big Heart." Born with a birth defect in both arms she learned to become an overcomer at an early age and reached beyond her limitations to live life to its fullest. She shares her amazing story to everyone she comes in contact with, especially to those who are going through difficult and disappointing times in their lives. In her own words she states: "My name is Nan Weaver and I was born with a birth defect in both arms. I have triumphed over my disability with my faith in God and a wonderful mother who raised me to be the person that I am today. I married my childhood sweetheart Jimmy Weaver. He overlooked the outward and saw the inward. We have raised three sons and one daughter, the last two being twin boys. We are now blessed with six granddaughters and two grandsons. My purpose in life is to share how God is faithful and to impart to others my life's testimony of being an overcomer. God specializes in setting those free of broken hearts with difficulties in life and bringing encouragement to those who are discouraged. What an awesome God we serve." Nan Weaver is the founder of Little Arms Big Heart Ministries, an exempt 501(c)(3) organization which serves as a vehicle for motivational speaking engagements. Nan and Jimmy are lifelong residents of Pensacola, Florida. Both are active members of Liberty Church where Jimmy serves as an elder, board member, and treasurer.

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