God's Miracle Child
God's Miracle Child
The Britney Foster Story
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Britney Foster’s young life seemed at an end when a 200 pound railroad cross
tie fell on her head, crushing the skull and driving deep into her brain. But Britney’s
mother interceded for the helpless seven-year-old as she appealed to God’s healing
grace with a vigil that must have touched His heart. For He intervened time after
time with miracles, some instantaneous, thers gradual, and some through therapeutic medicine. God’s visitation with Britney’s family will bless you and encourage you to seek His face for your own family’s physical and spiritual needs.

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Sherry Foster Tatum wears many hats in her daily roles as a wife, mother, grandmother, homemaker, and an actress with an extensive resumé in Film, television and radio. She has been an active member of Screen Actors Guild of Hollywood California for over 30 years – serving on the Screen Actors Guild Council for the State of Georgia. She is also a Christian public speaker and a published author.
Currently, you may recognize her as a host for the “Silver Angel” award winning “Friends and Neighbors” International Christian Television program which is telecast in 80 foreign countries with a viewing audience of 83 million. Th e show is in it’s 12th year of production and is shown across America on “Th e Sky Angel” network.
Sherry is a missionary to Spain, and Central and South America. She has appeared on EnLace T.V. and spoken on mission radio.


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