In The Midst Of A Turbulent Sea
In The Midst Of A Turbulent Sea
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book is written to reveal the unchanging power, love and grace of God to believers. When God says yes he still maintains it no matter what. His faithfulness and mercy are unmeasurable. God indeed proved that he has ultimate power in the heavens, in the earth and beneath the earth hence he delivered me and snatched me away from the destruction of the devil and I can sing praises to his holy name. Praaaaaise Jesus. AMEN. God is good and he is worthy of our praise and to be honored. Jesus reigns and the earth trembles. Fear God alone for he has the final authority for your life and no other.
The book you are about to read will help you to understand what to do when you are going through trials and temptations in your walk with God. It will challenge you to maintain your stands and integrity in your Christian journey. All these while you have been swimming in the ocean of trials and temptations. You thought, “Wow, Where is God?” This is your time; he has come to deliver you.
As you read this book, he will teach you great things that will help you as you run your race as a child of God. Trials and temptations are stepping-stones to your spiritual growth. They are necessary, or else you remain stunted in your walk with God. Through them, you move to higher levels of spiritual growth. As you walk with God daily, situations and circumstances will arise at some point for you to really prove what you profess to be. You have not sinned. You just have to be obedient and follow the leadership and direction of the Holy Spirit. What do you do? Be afraid? No. Stand tall and trust God. It’s like on your mark, get set, go. An athlete knows what he believes when it comes to sports. When the day comes for him to show his skills, he will prove to the spectators what he knows without fear. Will it be fun? No. However, he will perform very hard to win. You have accepted the Lord, believed in him and in his power. It is time for you to prove that you have decided to follow him, no turning back. No matter what befalls you. If you really do, prove it now. God must surely see you through. He has given you salvation; he is still able to work with you on every situation that wants to contend with the salvation he has given to you. Only trust him, and it shall be well with you.
God bless you as you allow the Holy Spirit to be the source of your strength and power in your walk with God, in Jesus’s name. Amen.
Chinyere Nwakwue believes in the Lord Jesus Christ to be her only personal Savior and of the world. She also believes that him alone has the power and ability to change lives and situations that seem to be unchangeable. Her Christian journey began in 1992 when God by his own power chose and anointed her for his service during a crusade by Rev. Professor S.G.A. Onibere in Nigeria. Chinyere believes God has called her into his kingdom for a purpose; To preach the gospel to all nations of the world. Unto him that is able to do all things I surrender. Him alone has final authority over my life and my household. To him be all the glory. Amen. Chinyere Nwakwue attended College of Education Agbor Nigeria West Africa where she got her NCE. (National Certificate in Education) She studied English Language and Theater Arts. She was a school teacher in Nigeria. She taught English Language and Literature in several schools like Ika Grammar School Agbor, Urhobor College Warri. Also she attended Minneapolis Community and Technical College where she got her Nursing Diploma. She is continuing her career in education. Chinyere and her husband Uchechi have four children, Udochukwu, Onyinyechukwu, Amarachi and Ebube. They live in Andover Minnesota.

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