Quiet Time
Quiet Time
A Guide to an Effective Time Alone with God
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The writings in this book reflect the personal journey that Jerry Evans and his wife Becky have experienced over the last 30 plus years as they began developing an effective Quiet Time. “We realized that most Christians don’t spend time alone with God. We felt the need to put into writing what we have learned in our journey with Jesus.

Quiet Time is designed to be used as a guide for having an effective, quiet time alone with God. Exactly what is a “quiet time”? It is a regular, unhurried, and uninterrupted Bible reading, prayer, worship and meditation time alone with God. It is an important journey for Christians who desire to walk with God day by day. It is an exciting journey of spiritual growth. Only through a daily walk with God will you have the spiritual health to be all He wants. In any case, done correctly, a quiet time can take you on the most exciting journey of your Christian life. You will discover spiritual insights. You will receive instruction and guidance from the Holy Spirit, and you will discover God in a more personal way than you have ever known Him before.

It is a fact that, to remain healthy, our physical bodies must receive fresh air, food, and water. Our bodies will suffer if we are deprived of these essential elements. It works the same way with our spiritual lives. If we do not regularly feed our Spiritual lives, our spiritual condition becomes weak and diseased. We become spiritually malnourished and lose our heart for the things of God. It is only through consistently spending time with the Father that we can be in good spiritual condition.

Our vitality as Christians depends upon our spiritual food. Through a quiet time with God, we gain insight to His will for us, His wisdom, and His grace as we grow in Him. A quiet time becomes a discipline, a habit—a way of life — a lifestyle!

Jerry served as Senior Pastor for nine years until 2011. Prior to that he served 20 years as Executive Pastor, Associate Pastor- Education & Administration in 4 churches. Before entering full-time ministry he was in the midst of a successful career as President of a corporation coming up through the ranks of Employee & Labor Relations in 3 Fortune 500 companies. Becky has served as Minister of Education the last 9 years. Prior to that she worked along side Jerry assisting in education & leading Ladies Ministry where she is a known speaker as well as in Sunday School leadership training. Prior to that she served as Minister of Youth & taught high school. They both are alumni of Auburn University and Jerry of Luther Rice Seminary. They have 2 grown children in vocational ministry and 7 grandchildren. They live in Albuquerque, New Mexico serving a church part time in education & evangelism & assisting other churches in church health, church growth, education, administration and other needs. Jerry is a motivational & special events speaker in the church and business world.

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