What It Really Means To Be Saved
What It Really Means To Be Saved
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Jesus instructed his believers to go into all the world and teach. How can one teach that which he does not know or understand? The Christian teaches not only through attained knowledge but practical life example. Amidst so much confusion concerning salvation and church membership, many have lost the true meaning of ‘Real Salvation”. Within the pages of this book the new, and confused Christian, will find the biblical base upon which to build a sound Christian life of understanding and service. While everyone has an opinion the only one that matters is God’s, and can be found as one accepts the personage of, and learns to totally yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Holy Trinity.
I believe the greatest divisions in the body of Christ today are: 1. Racism 2. Denominationalism 3. Traditionalism 4. Ignorance of the Word Everyone has to look just like me and believe just like I believe, what would this make me, a dictator surely not a scriptual friend and brother. Pray and daily guard against such ignorant, misguided and unscriptural teachings. Friends, being saved means that you will not think in this manner. You will open the doors of your Heart and Church wide and leave them open, love all that enter in, and share God’s love. It is not enough to tell people about the love of God, we must show them through our thoughts and deeds. Illustration: Let’s say that I sell medicine. I declare that this medicine will cure any medical problem one could have. If I should become sick and refuse to take this medicine, what kind of person would that reveal me to be? Using this illustration let’s apply it to the Word of God, the Bible. Professing Christians say that they believe the Bible to be the Word of God and they believe every word in it. If this is the case, then why do so many feel that they have the right to take some things out and put some things in? No my friend, there are no real denominations, just a group of people that get together and decide what they will and will not do, and call it Religion. Tear out the page that tells us about healing and that God doesn’t want us sick! Tear out the page that teaches us that when God forgives one of their sins He forgives all sin. We are so quick to judge a person by his or her past life. Yet we teach that God forgives the past and we become New Creatures. All of our sins are cast into the depths of the sea, separated as far as the East is from the West. Yet one is still not good enough to hold an office that requires serving tables and assisting the Pastor. We believe the message that a woman carried the message to the Disciples on the day of our Lord’s resurrection, yet we don’t think that a Woman can still proclaim the message of a risen Lord today. Friends, I don’t think that God has any problem with a woman telling anyone how to get saved, do you? If you are saved you are saved regardless of who helped you to become so.
The ability to determine this portion of my legacy through the writing of this book is indeed a blessing from God. For those who knew me as a young child would never thought I would stand before audiences singing, teaching and preaching the Word of God. I had a terrible problem with stuttering, it could take up to minutes just to tell you my name. Never try to understand the planning and purpose of God on your life. I have for over 70 percent of my life been involved in ministry. I love to preach the Word and assist people in their personal acceptance and surrender to our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus I love the church and have a deep concern over the confusion and frustration which exist within the church. People today are confused and I believe are seeking the truth. I have a calling upon my life to share the word in such a way as to provide solace to a troubled world. I believe that any message given from God for one assembly is applicable to all assemblies and publications such as this are the best method available. I realize I may not be the best writer on this subject, however, I also am aware that I may be the only writer a person may ever read on this subject, I pray it will serve as a seed of good that will grow and produce much fruit in many lives. Due to the fact that I started in ministry at such a young age afforded me the opportunity to make many mistakes in my lifetime. Looking back over my life it seems that I missed very few opportunities to do so. I thank God that He forgives all and is willing to allow us to start over again and again. Forgiveness is a message that can never be over stressed. Many today are willing to receive forgiveness, yet, not willing to give it. I know what brokenness is and how it feels, and the reality of the haunting presence of remembrance. I have learned that in our life we must create good memories each and every day so when the day comes that we have more time behind us than in front of us we can gain peace and strength knowing that as we have overcome in the past we will be overcomers in our future. I pray the complexities of my own experience will enable others to avoid such error and wastefulness of a most precious commodity, their time. Advice is something everyone has and most are willing to give. Some advice is good and profitable and much is nonproductive. Experience is the best teacher and example; if used for good can change lives for the better and if the contrary is true, it will contribute to the demise of individuals, families and church’s. I am proud to be a product of the south the state of Georgia, USA, and treasure many of her charms, yet I also realize that there are things that the past has produced which brings great pain as well. There is such beauty all around me as I gaze from the mountains into the lush green valleys with its streams and lakes and beautiful forest, which seem to reflect the smile of God himself. I truly desire to be a blessing to others and strive to serve not only in the church but in the community as well. I am proud to be a part of a profession that can assist people in the management of their affairs through insurance and investments, a method whereby their beliefs and convictions may endure for innumerable generations to come. From a young boy of fourteen with a license to preach to a man of sixty with a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies, I have found, many will say one thing while meaning something else entirely. Let it be known that God says exactly what He means, and means what He says, and has written it with an instrument which has no eraser. John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God. kjv

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