Christian the Fish
Christian the Fish
Who am I?
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One day after an art lesson, one of my elementary students anxiously wanted to know what our next project would be. “Lets write a book ”, her name being Christina I said , “ we will call it CHRISTIAN THE FISH”, and so Christian was born. Being an Art Teacher in a Christian school affords me the freedom to center my classroom art around Christ. I consider myself a Christian artist, Christ is my inspiration. His story, his words, his nature and his victory are an never ending flow of subject matter. Teaching K-12 has taught me no one is too young or too old to be enlightened by the expression of an impression of Christ.
Salvatore DiBenedetto graduated from William Paterson University in 1984, with an M.A. in fine Arts and Certification in teaching. His Master thesis show “ NEW TESTAMENTS IN CERAMICS” consisted of 22 Bible based ceramic sculptures combining thrown and hand building techniques. The idea for the work originated from a New Testament Bible he accepted from Campus Crusade for Christ. Spending time [14 years] as an At Home Dad, allowed time to work on related skills such as computer graphics, christian Tee shirt designing, writing, acting and poetry. Today as an Art teacher at Hackensack Christian School, he works with students K-12 inspiriting their imagination and creating original art projects reflecting a Christ centered message.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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