That's What Makes Me Tic
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This story of my life-long battle to endure living with Tourette Syndrome has three aims: I hope to encourage fellow sufferers not to give up as they struggle with this disease that makes others despise us. I want to help others to understand us and perhaps even accept us, in spite of our unacceptable speech and behavior. Most of all I want to glorify God, Who is in control of everything, and Who loves us in spite of our tics.
One night I was walking home from Broadway, and I always crossed the same bridge. While I was on the bridge I was crying, wanting to die. I thought, "I've got nothing to live for, so I'll take the easy way out." I looked over the railing. It was a good 50-foot drop. I stood there crying and praying to a God I didn't know. I got ready to climb up on the railing.
I hesitated a lot, then all of a sudden I heard this voice, just as plain as day. There was nobody there but me, but I heard this voice. It said, "My son, this is not the answer. Trust Me. I am the Answer."
There was dead silence, and I backed off. I could not believe what I heard, but it happened, and it saved my life. I made it home and cried myself to sleep.
Victor Mizelle has lived in Richmond, VA, for most of his adult life. He has been a professional musician for more than 50 of his 75 years. His only relief from Tourette Syndrome comes when he is playing music (he plays electric bass). God reached out to him in spite of the vile behaviors caused by the Tourette tics, over which he has no control, and the unclean life that Tourette forced him into. He wrote this book to inspire those who are suffering from this cruel disease, and to help others understand the torment in which Tourette sufferers live.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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