Step Out and Take Your Place
Step Out and Take Your Place
How to Discover and Live Your Everyday Calling
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Your journey to discover God’s calling for your life … starts today!

“The expression of your gift is an act of worship to God.” —Krista Dunk

You've probably heard that God has a special plan for your life, right? However, you may not have any idea what that plan is or how to discover it. Or maybe you have discovered a Sunday morning calling, but Monday to Saturday feels dry and unsatisfying. Unfortunately, that is a familiar story for too many of us - God’s people.

Step Out and Take Your Place gives you the practical, how-to information you need to find out what gifts God has equipped you with and what they're for. Action steps, assessment tools, advice, biblical references, compelling real-life stories, how to seek God for His plan, and much more is included—all designed to help you Step Out and Take Your Place.

It's time to step out. Are you ready?

“In one of the most authentic voices I have ever encountered, Krista delivers the encouragement, inspiration and tools for anyone who has ever struggled with finding purpose, asked “what now or what’s next,” or trembled over the question, “Who, me?” If you have wondered about your gifts or how to honor them with your life, this is your book. It is a blessing, beginning with page 1.”

–Dondi Scumaci, Author of the Designed for Success book series

Preface: Circus day had finally arrived! As a 6-year-old coloring contest winner, I had anticipated this day for weeks. Oh the tremendous pride I felt about winning tickets for my whole family, and for all the hard, meticulous coloring work I had done on that entry paper. Winning the contest also meant we were able to bring an extra guest with us that day; a student from my father’s 5th grade class also joined us. I even had a special winner’s hat to wear to the event to signify my special status. I was nervously excited as we stepped into the massive, colorful tent. Being a very shy child, I clung to my parents, and spoke to no one as we weaved our way through to our seats. It was a noisy and crowded place, filled with people, animals, popcorn, and balloons. We found our seats, and I bubbled with excitement, awaiting the start of the show. As the circus show started, the crowd buzzed and roared with each new act and performance. It was all fun and games (literally) until they made an announcement over the PA system; an announcement I was not expecting. “Would the coloring contest winners please join us in the center ring.” Oh no…I suddenly realized they were talking about me. That announcement was horrifying. My heart sank, and began to beat wildly. My eyes darted around the tent at all the people, at the center ring, at my parents. All those eyes looking at me? Go out there? “No, I don’t want to go!” I refused to leave my seat. A last call rang out over the loudspeakers…it was my last chance to go out. I stayed firmly planted in my seat and was not budging. My parents didn’t want to force me out there, yet didn’t want the opportunity to be wasted either. My little sister was too young to go, but the guest student we brought with us seemed thrilled at the idea to get up and take part in the festivities. They gave her the okay, and I was relieved to be off the hook. “Problem solved,” I thought, with a deep sigh. I did not have to suffer that horrible embarrassment. She quickly stood up, my parents handed her my winner’s hat and then she hurried down the stairs and out into the ring. To this day, I can remember the feeling of great regret as I watched my dad’s student run down the steps, with my hat on, into the center ring, to take part in my reward. That was my place! That was my honor and privilege! I earned that! It was mine! I suddenly longed to be out there, but I had already made my choice to reject it. It was too late. My own timidity stopped me from receiving what was rightfully mine. I refused to step out and take my place. This experience was a defining moment in my young life. After decades had gone by, God reminded me of it to get a glimpse at how easily we miss the good plan He has for us and reject what is rightfully ours. This story from my past is the reason why this book is called “Step Out and Take Your Place.” How many of us have not stepped out and taken our place, and we knew it was ours? Conversely, how many of us do not even know what place to step in to yet? Greetings, friend. My name is Krista Dunk, the author of this book, and I would like to share my heart with you for a few moments. I would like to tell you about how my life has completely transformed, since I took a journey with God to...(sample excerpt) Introduction: “How can I know that I am following God’s will in my life?” “I am not sure what my God-given gifts, talents and purpose in this life are.” “I can only see part of the puzzle.” “How do I trust God more and stop the fear?” How do I know that others are searching for God’s calling; searching for their place? I suspected that my experience was not uncommon, and my research proved it. Those statements and questions above are just a few of the many candid responses I received from the survey I did in 2010. I surveyed scores of Godly women (and some men too), asking them questions about their personal experiences and questions on this topic. I have found that most people lack clarity about their unique gifts and calling. Sixty percent of the respondents did not even know one of the most basic gifts-related pieces of information about themselves; what their God-given spiritual gifts are. Mind you, these were church-going people! Not only did I survey these Godly people, but I also interviewed pastors, ministers, Christian counselors, women’s ministry directors, pastor’s wives, etc. I wanted to know what they had experienced and seen in the people they work with who remain unaware of their God-given gifts and calling. I found that nearly all of them were deeply passionate about this topic too. Their hearts share the same cry for people to find their unique roles within God’s purposes, which leads them to grow and flourish in life. “I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparably great power for us who believe.” – Ephesians 1:17-19 You may be asking, “What can I expect from this book? Will it be another book that tells me to find my gifts, but then leaves me still wondering how?” Let me answer that now. In Step Out and Take Your Place, I am going to accompany you on a journey to take you from frustration and searching, to seeking God and getting new revelation of who you are. Through stories and scriptures, tips and practical examples, you will get new wisdom and new perspective. You will have the opportunity and how-to information to simultaneously seek God and investigate yourself, using the assessments and outlined plans and ideas in this book. You get the “how,” and not just the “why.” Step Out and Take Your Place offers you an exciting, unique journey. Within the pages of this book, you will gain understanding in these areas: • Recognize the need to find your gifts • Get a clear, how-to path for discovering your gifts and calling • Help in understanding the inner and outer work necessary to reach goals • Explore how to develop and effectively share your gifts with the world • Inspiration that motivates you to seek the heart of God • Get clarity about your future I know you want clarity, and may be tired of going with life’s default flow. Maybe you are like I was, and you hop on every bandwagon, say yes to every opportunity and over commit yourself because you are searching. The first step in getting clarity about your purpose and calling is to know who you are in Christ. Clarity about what your gifts are is step 2. No more random life. No more feeling lost in the shuffle of activities. No more living in a small comfort zone that leaves you unfulfilled and frustrated. The Gift Discovery Cycle™, outlined in this book, will show you the process of discovering what your gifts are. Spiritual gifts play a key role. However, God has created you with many other components that work together and that play a part in your overall calling. You will be encouraged to renew your mind, and have your self-image match the image of who God sees you as. This is key; if you cannot believe and agree with God about His future for you, your own mind will...(sample excerpt)

Author and speaker Krista Dunk is the founder of Koinonia Business Women, an organization for businesswomen of faith. Krista has taken a personal journey with God to discover His calling and unique gifts for her life, and is now using this journey to mentor others. Her dream is to see all of God's people discover, develop, and share their gifts effectively so that the body of Christ is strengthened and God’s purposes are fulfilled. While writing Step Out and Take Your Place, Krista surveyed and interviewed pastors, women’s ministry directors, counselors, business owners, and people of faith about their struggles, feedback, experiences, and needs in this area of spiritual growth.

Besides her writing, speaking, and entrepreneurial adventures, Krista is also a wife, mother, sign language interpreter, worship team member, and small-group leader with her husband at their local church in Olympia, Washington.


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