Everything is an Obsession To Me
Everything is an Obsession To Me
if your cup doesn't runneth over, try getting a smaller cup!
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Practical advice on overcoming all different kinds of obsessions, from a woman who didn't miss many! Down to earth examples with humility and irony for good measure.

My purpose in writing this is three-fold. First, I hope to help others who are struggling with the behaviors and addictions that I have lived through. I never thought anyone understood, which just added to the shame, which added to the secrecy, which added to the depression. What a vicious cycle this has been. Second, to give credit to all the people and organizations that provided signposts along the way leading me to recovery. And most importantly, I am writing this book to give honor and glory to God for His patience with me.

From my teenage years until I was almost thirty, I wandered in the wilderness, lured by the world's offerings. I've spent the next 25+ years following God's suggestions on how to clean up the wreckage of my past, and become the person I was always meant to be.

At age 55, I have returned to school with the intention of becoming a minister who works primarily as a counselor in urban settings. I think that is the purpose that God has brought me to.

Please enjoy the journey with me.

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