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Keepers at Home
The Love Journey
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My husband and I have come a long way since we got married. We had no idea what we were in for. I’m sure our marriage would have been voted one of the most unlikely to succeed. Yet through the years, we have seen the strongest marriages crumble, and we are still chugging along. Why?

This book will reveal to you how the Lord intends not only our marriage relationships to work, but family and church as well. We need to be growing in God’s kingdom ways of not being accepted because we meet certain standards and fulfill various obligations. The only true, unconditional acceptance comes from the love given, not earned. And it is this love that begins the healing: transforming a person into the splendor God created them to be. Marriages and relationships don’t end because of what someone has or hasn’t done. They end when one person quits.

Our marriage has led us to discover some tools that have enabled us to navigate through some pretty deep waters. I can relate to what many women struggle with in their marriages. So I have taken upon myself the task of trying to share the ways I have learned leading me forward on the journey to true love and a lasting marriage.

The sad truth is many women have been led astray by the wiles of very subtle and deceptive spiritual forces. These forces entice us to first become as attractive and as successful as possible. Find out the truth that will guard you and your family from shipwreck.

Anne Sheppard Kovar studied as a research assistant in the field of geochemistry and mathematics during undergraduate and graduate school. Following publication of a master’s thesis in a related field, Anne’s life took a dramatic turn after a direct encounter with the Lord. The education and training in research of scientific data shifted to study and evaluation of biblical truth.

After marriage, she and her husband encountered severe problems, forcing them to seek help. They have received counseling from huge nationwide organizations down to local professionals and have acquired an incredible library from all the counselors, conferences, seminars, and treatment centers over the last thirty-five years. With so many other marriages falling apart all around them, Anne decided to assimilate and make available the Biblical steps to personal growth in the kingdom and a lasting and happy marriage. Today Anne continues study and writing and serves as accounting administrator for an international consolidating agency.


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