Wife Defined
Wife Defined
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God, not your marital status, defines your life. How many wives actually take the time to define their role? Are you happy in your marital relationship as a wife? Wife Defined is the first of a series designed and developed to help wives of all sorts in defining who they intend to be as a wife and to achieve success in their role according to the Word of God.

"Your success as a wife depends upon how well you are prepared and the type of wife that you intentionally plan to be. A successful wife is a wife living a life pleasing to God while honoring her commitment as a wife; as well as, continually and faithfully bearing fruit to her credit that is visible to the natural eye. This book will definitely assist women on their journey to becoming successful wives according to the word of God."

While serving in the work of the ministry, Meme Spearman saw the turmoil and upset that is plaguing families of today; due to the lack of role identification. As a result, she knelt in prayer and asked God how to put pen to paper to contribute to the remedy and help ease the onset of a pandemic among Christian families. Thus, Wife Defined was written to inform and instruct women about how to be successful in their role as wives.

Wife Defined is the beginning of a plethora of Bible study series for women authored by Meme Spearman. The role of a wife is special, honorable, and sometimes difficult, yet Spearman gives great information to readers. The defining moments of a wife are vital to attaining success in this role, marriage, and daily living. Whether you are currently serving as a wife, single (desiring to be married), a wife in transition (widowed, separated, divorced), or a bride to be, this teaching encompasses helpful tips for you.

Meme Spearman lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband, Pastor Derrick Spearman. She is the mother of two children. Mrs. Spearman is an invited teacher, psalmist, musician, speaker, and the founder of the Wife Defined Network. Visit her online at www.wifedefined.net


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