Surviving Grief
Surviving Grief
The Little Guide to Cope with Loss
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Losing a child is one of the most difficult and devastating events that anyone could ever experience. The heartache, the pain, and the overwhelming waves of emotion and grief may overtake your life. Grieving is a process, a journey, and no one should walk through the grieving process alone. Surviving Grief is a guide to help grieving parents cope, and find ways to face the sorrow, heal, and persevere through the journey. You must allow yourself permission to grieve. Healing comes from doing the tangible and healthy things that allow you to face the reality of your loss and still maintain the love and memory of your child. With the help of this book and the strength of the Lord, may you find comfort and healing to cope with the incredible loss in your life.

Sometimes life hits us and it hits us hard. At times, we encounter difficult events and tragic losses; tragedies that can bring us to an emotional, spiritual, and physical breaking point. Difficult times in life may challenge our belief system, drive us to our knees, and reveal our level of trust in God. I have experienced such difficult losses and times in my life…and by the grace of God, I have persevered and survived. My life has been no stranger to grief. I experienced the incredible sorrow of the death of my parents, the death of three of my children, the death of my stepson, and the death of my long-term marriage. Passing through each personal loss has given me opportunity to rely completely on my faith in God. By the grace of God, I survived each event and learned to trust and depend on God for comfort and peace. Within these pages, I briefly share some of the stories of my personal tragedies, the overwhelming waves of emotion and grief, and the steps I followed to allow myself permission to grieve and heal. I share some of the coping methods that helped me. I discovered ways that helped me, not to lose my mind, find renewed strength in my faith, and guide me through some of the darkest hours in my life. My prayer is that Lord will bring you comfort. I hope that this book may help you as you walk through the difficult times in your life. May you allow yourself the permission and freedom to grieve the incredible and overwhelming losses in your life. May you find rest and peace through the Lord Jesus Christ and persevere through the tragedies in your life. Peace.

Suly Rieman shares her personal story of loss, and the courage and strength she found to cope and heal. After losing three children and her stepson, she encountered the loss of a long-term marriage. With the help of the Lord she survived, persevered, and was able to find joy and direction for her life. It is her hope to help other grieving parents as they attempt to cope and heal after experiencing loss.

She lives in Glendale, Arizona, with her two teenage sons. She is a business and technical writer. She works in the career services department and assists college students with résumé writing, interview preparation, and career advising. She has a degree in Business Administration, and in Applied Behavioral Sciences.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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