Absolute Love
Absolute Love
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Have you ever wondered where love comes from, why love exists, and for that matter, what exactly love is? It seems that love is a universal ideal, however very little thought has gone into figuring out exactly what love is.

Love is really an inexhaustible subject. Love is really a being, not just a behavior or emotion. Absolute love exists within and overflows from God. Now, that might sound strange to you, but if there is one absolute any absolute, it comes from a supreme, all-encompassing force (usually referred to as God). If it is true that, as the apostle John said, “God is Love,” then this is absolute love.

Absolute Love begins a discussion around what love is or more exactly, who love is. This is not for Christians only. It can stimulate discussion between followers of Islam, Judaism, Christianity, or any religion, and can be a starting place between those who believe in God and those who deny the existence of God.

Love is not sentimentality, not weak capitulation to others, not passive acceptance of all things, and certainly it is not sexual intercourse. Love is humility, belief, trust, acceptance, confidence, gratitude, compassion, freedom, stewardship, servanthood, loyalty, purity, justice, rest and determination. Love is the overflowing character of the only absolute in the universe it flows throughout the One who is Love and establishes everything.
Humility is the characteristic of believing that gives us the ability to admit our needs, weaknesses and limitations so that we can submit to the power of God in our life and receive our strength from Him and through others, it is not powerlessness, it knows where the power comes from. Humility is the beginning of Faith that LOVE works in us as we look outside of ourselves to I AM. Humility involves being able to give to others but also to receive from others as we keep our eyes fixed on I AM and thereby become more like Him in love. The key characteristic of humility is mercifulness. The loss of humility brings about rebelliousness.
Belief is an overwhelming sense of hope based on understanding of past actions and in the fulfillment of future promises that gives encouragement so that we can be enthusiastic and self-stretching, in order that we might grow through developing (God given)potential. The key characteristic of belief is hopefulness. The loss of belief brings about despair.
Trust is the characteristic outgrowth of believing that gives us the ability to be open and share who we are and what we have been given so that we can be catalysts in the development of openness and candor in others. The key characteristic of trust is openness. The loss of trust brings about suspiciousness.

R.I. Willroth is a graduate of Northwestern College in Roseville, Minnesota, and Bethel Theological Seminary in Arden Hills, Minnesota. He is a partner at Marrs Wealth Management, LLC. Mr. Willroth lives in Ames, Iowa, with his wife and daughter. Besides helping people with their financial life and writing, Mr. Willroth enjoys playing golf.


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