Betrayal and Forgiveness
Betrayal and Forgiveness
Perfect Bound Softcover
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In Betrayal and Forgiveness, Lisa Rivers, a brilliant computer designer and the thirty-year old daughter of a police detective, finds herself pulled in multiple directions. She tries to take to heart the admonition she has heard in the gospels, that God desires for his followers to keep the promises they make. In her three decades, she has made—and kept—three promises. On the other hand, Lisa has entered a time of estrangement from her father. His betrayal has cost him Lisa's love. Betrayal and Forgiveness portrays what happens in the life of Detective Sam Rivers and his family because of his failure to keep the promises he makes. He imperils the love of his best friend and places his ties to Zach, his son, in danger of fraying beyond repair. At the same time, a new computer program—Lisa's latest creation—that enables failure-free tracking of individuals, threatens to fall into dangerous hands. As she struggles to save her work, she finds she must deal as well with her family's conflicts. As time runs short and the pressure mounts from all sides, Lisa and her family search for solutions to their personal struggles. Simultaneously, Lisa seeks ways to protect her work and to safeguard her family ties.
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Linda Armstrong-Miller is a seasoned social worker, counselor, and registered nurse. For the last thirteen years, she has helped families struggling with conflicts and critical illnesses. She draws on these moments to inspire her writing. She lives in Georgia with her husband, Michael, and their daughter, Cayla.
Very good book...loved it! Love, love, love this author. Hoping to see lots more of her work!

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