I Thought I Knew What Love Was
I Thought I Knew What Love Was
The journey to intimacy with God
Perfect Bound Softcover
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From the time Erin Lamb was a child, she was curious about the God of the Bible. She grew up in a home with a pastor and Sunday school teacher, which made knowing God a part of everyday life. More than reading about Him, her heart longed to know Him personally, as Moses knew Him. Along this journey, she picked up a pen and paper and began to write about her experiences with God and His responses. I Thought I Knew What Love Was is a book for every person who wants to plunge deeper into the heart of God. If circumstances or life have made God seem distant or cold, the words on these pages will lure your heart on a journey with the God of the high and low places.


Understanding the depths of God’s love during the good and the challenging times is essential to living a joy-filled life. Erin has captured the heart of God through prayers, sonnets, and poems that reveal the human experience in relation to God. If you have ever felt as though God doesn’t understand you, then poems like “Agape,” “Even If,” and “Our Deepest Need” will reveal God’s unfailing love for you.


Whether you find yourself in the difficult places, or on the mountaintop, your heart and mind will be drawn to a more intimate place where you commune with God.

Dearly Beloved
August 29, 2010

“Love letter from Abba.”

Dearly beloved,
I am here
in your place of waiting,
where uncertainty
can crowd out your peace.
It is I,
who holds you together.
My love gathers every piece of hope
and your sought after dreams.
It is I, who will knit them together.
I am initiating change
and cultivating creativity.
Dearly beloved,
it is your heart I long to hold tenderly.
My heart is yearning,
for you to recognize that I am persistently near.
I will be here.
I will not let you go.
I long to dream with you
and set your aspiring dreams to flight.
My heart wants to turn your tears
into leaping joy, in the daylight.
Like the springs of fountains flow,
so My love for you overflows.
My love is not just present on your sunny days;
My love is here for you on the days of wind and rains.
My love for you extends beyond,
the limits of time and space.
My love for you
stretches wider than the ocean floors.
My unmerited favor is far greater,
than your mind can even fathom.
You will never reach beyond the borders
of My love.
It is higher than the heavens;
wider than the span of all the galaxies combined.
There is no lover
who will love more.
You are My dear, sweet love.
My heart beats a rhythm
that only your heart can dance to.
Let My love
move you to dance.
Let My love move you to happiness
and set your soul to flight.
In My heart you are one whom I love
and the one whom I adore.
Dearly beloved,
you are the one,
I care for.
No matter the distance
you feel, between My heart and yours,
I am closer than you know.
I am in the glowing warmth of the sun’s rays.
I am the sparkle in the morning dew.
I am in the coolness of the night air.
I am the sweet aroma of the flower,
that causes your heart to smile.
I am the refresher of your soul.
I am the cloud cover to be your shade.
I am the rain,
which waters the garden of your heart.
I bring abounding love and favor.
My precious one,
you are not without hope.
You are not without a reason to rejoice.
You have a future in Me.
I am the One who can swear by My word.
My promises will never unravel.
I am Faithful and True;
hold My promises close to you.
Lay your burdens on My chest
and find substantial comfort and rest.
Most of all
let your heart and mind
cling to My promise of love.
Know that I will never abandon you.
You are,
My dearly beloved.

Erin Lamb is an engineer, a Bible teacher, and a facilitator of a women’s discipleship group. She has served on short-term missions in Brazil and as worship leader for missionary teams. Erin has written over 150 poems; some have been read at weddings and other special events. Her poems have also been used for various bible studies. Her passion is to know who God is, to maintain an intimate relationship with Him and to direct seeking hearts to Him.



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