Volume Two Ladies of Gold
Volume Two Ladies of Gold
The Remarkable Ministry of the Golden Candlestick
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The second of three volumes, Ladies of Gold: The Remarkable Ministry of the Golden Candlestick continues the comprehensive presentation of the visions of the King of Kings experienced by Frances Metcalfe and the other members of the Golden Candlestick. This fellowship of Christians attuned to the guidance of the Holy Spirit shared these visions with others, communicating the essence of their moments of rapture when they were translated into the heavenly realms.

James Maloney, a leader in developing ministers and supporting overseas crusades, has compiled and presented a comprehensive collection of the recorded utterances flowing from the people of the Golden Candlestick. This collection presents eight visions and a miscellany of excerpts that give a taste of the riches recorded in journals, missionaries’ notes, and newsletters.

The Spirit spoke to the members of the fellowship of believers in the Golden Candlestick for more than fifty years. If you are curious about how their visions might touch your own life, if you desire to know more about God’s work in the world, or if you are a student of religious experience, then Ladies of Gold: The Remarkable Ministry of the Golden Candlestick will reward you for your attention.

Along the celestial highway of rapture I was swiftly drawn to another mysterious portal—a gateway once barred to the sons of men, guarded by angels with flaming swords! No need to fear them now, ah no, for He who once was dead, and now is alive for evermore, is holding my hand—He who holds the keys of death and hell! At His Word the shining angels shall step aside, and I shall pass with Him, the Second Adam, into the New Eden. There He shall teach me the mysteries of the first creation. There, too, I shall learn of the glorious New Creation. I shall be shown the perfect New Eve—Bride of the Second Adam—eternal Helpmeet of creation’s Head! What joy! What anticipation as the Spirit whispered these things to my heart! May He open to you, dear one, these divine revelations. For so my Lord led me, in His matchless grace; and He gave me to understand that many of His dear ones shall be finding their way past the flaming swords into this Holy Ground! Amen!

James Maloney serves as the president of Dove on the Rise International. As a well-respected prophetic voice, his ministry expression is marked by a powerful sign-and-wonder flow, heavily geared toward healing for the mind, soul and body.


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