A Diet For The Soul
A Diet For The Soul
The Minute Method
Perfect Bound Softcover
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For many of you, the word “"diet"” is a dirty word. You don'’t want to think diet, weigh, count calories, or avoid carbs. The very thought of it all may give you negative feelings. It’'s not a feel good situation. A diet for the soul is not that kind of diet, though. tThere is no weighing, no counting calories, and no avoiding carbs.


You quickly may find that a diet for the soul prohibits buying into a fraudulent  idea of yourself. It may effectively promote the necessary confidence to be yourself and to be the best you can be, regardless of those who would seek to hold you down.


Take a journey and discover the diet that has a minor investment with major returns. Receive a bonus, and realize your divine gifts, and the joy of being you.


Other diet plans are reactive ideas that originate from the mind state of consciousness. All that the mind creates must deteriorate, fade. A diet for the soul is an inner active reality that possesses the power to sustain and may help bring awareness to the power ane ability you have to transfor: transform yourself.

Nothing may have a greater impact on your physical and mental well being then a diet for the soul. It may help guide you through the maze of countless diets, promises, and disappointments. A diet for the soul is the gift that keeps on giving.

It's easy. It's simple, but Oh! how it may change your life. Start today, start now. You have everthing you need, a diet for the soul, your "other heart," and you.

For over thirty years, Carla Mancari has taught the Minute Method. She is the co-founder of the Contemplative Invitation Teaching. She was a guest on The Larry King Show. Carla traveled worldwide for many years, studying with Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist masters.


Carla has a BA, and MEd,; she studied at Brigham Young University and the School of the Americas in Switzerland. Presently Carla writes, lectures, teaches, and assists with retreats.


Carla divides her time between Santa Barbara, California, and Lakeland, FloridaHer greatest joy is helping individuals to realize their full potential.




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