Unburied Treasure
Unburied Treasure
A guide to leaving your Legacy
Casebound Hardcover
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Have you wished that you knew things about your parents or grandparents when they were still with you? Now that they have passed, you have some memories but what if they had left you their thoughts, penned down with thought and care so that you would always have their advice and memories to cherish for generations? Have you ever considered taking the time to sit down with your parents and to write down all the many memories that meant so much to them or jot down those special tidbits of advice that they always have been so good to use that is their life’s experience perfected with time?


This book is simply a format that lends itself to be a guide for one to simply jot down their thoughts on many subjects, just a paragraph at time. There are many given topics to write about, and then there are topics that one may select and choose to write about. Some topics are just one’s memories or feelings that they had about special events or people. Some topics are “how-to” tips on their personal experience dealing with certain situations (gardening tips, fix-it tips, etc.).


What an HONOR it is when your children ask for your advice! What love one feels when a child, grandchild, or loved-one receives a personal hand-written bit of memories, expressing their personal emotions, felt during special events!


Included is an expanded Family Tree that can easily be used to show not only your blood relatives but also the step relatives or adopted family members.


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I listen to my dad now much differently than when I was younger.  I would venture to guess that most of us will agree to that statement.  When we are little children, we believe everything our parents say as gospel.  As we enter our teens, we suddenly think that we know more than our parents and even feel as though they are clueless and certainly don’t want to waste our time listening to their advise since they are so “out of touch” with reality as they tell of stories of how it was “back in the day” and we can’t possibly see how those stories relate in this day and time.  Then, we have our own children and we start needing advice from our parents and see that they aren’t so out of touch after all.  By this time in our lives, we are so busy, we don’t really have “time” to listen to much detail; we are just looking for quick fixes to our immediate crisis.  It isn’t until we realize that our parents may be slipping away that we realize that we should have taken the time to ask more questions and glean more wisdom from the treasure chest of riches that was there just waiting to be tapped into.


As I go to the retirement homes, I have more than once heard people tell me that they are just “waiting to die”.  How sad!  They tell me that they are finished and feel that their life is finished and there is nothing left for them to do.  I understand that part of their feeling this way is due to the fact that they are unable to drive and go places that they would like to go.  I’m sure that the loneliness is extremely painful as well!  I strongly believe that as the gears are slowing us down and we aren’t as mobile or as busy, we enter into a new era but also a whole new opportunity!

While we have the time and memories, we should leave our wealth of advice and wisdom to our family and our loved ones.  When we put it in writing, it can be passed down to future generations as well.  In Biblical times, there were multiple generations living in encampments all together.  As transportation modernized, and with the industrial revolution and technological advances, it caused our families to move farther and farther apart in search of job opportunities thus depriving grandchildren and great-grandchildren from the privilege of learning and gleaning the resources from their elder family members. 


This book is a guide and tool to help each of us to leave those riches for our loved ones and friends as a legacy and even a bit of humor and laughter.  There is also included a section to document your family tree as many have relayed their disappointment to learn that they have no records of their family history and even their medical history.  There are so many medical ailments that are passed on from generation to generation but skip a generation or two so it is nice to have those documented so that future generation know what to look for (twins, Alzheimer’s, etc.)


Next time you see an elderly citizen, take a moment to ask them a question for some advice.  You don’t have to use their advice but at least consider it and the context from which it comes.  You may be surprised to find that it is exactly what you needed to hear.  Plus, you will make them feel a sense of value for their day!

Catherine Torrez Bio

After working two years as a Private Investigator with Taurus Investigations, Catherine Torrez practices as a Private Investigator and is the owner and manager of Stiletto Spy and Company Investigations. www.stilettospyinvestigations.com

She has been a police officer for 20+ years and served as a Reserve police officer for the City of Grand Prairie, then moved on to Everman, TX where she served as patrol officer, and worked in various areas such as D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Officer, School Resource Officer, Gang Intelligence, Community Services, and Criminal Investigations. She moved on to White Settlement ISD Police Officer to work as SRO again and became Captain of the police department and went to Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas to gain her management certificate. She served as the police chief in the City of Cockrell Hill (a small city in the South West side of Dallas, TX) for four years. She has achieved her Police Instructor Certificate, Mental Health Officer Certificate and Master Peace Officer Certification. She is the mother of 5 children, 3 are grown and are married with children. (To date – 9 grandchildren) The last two children are still at home and are 17 and 18 years old. She has been a long time member of her church board and member of the private school board where her children attended school and headed several committees. Her most recent accomplishment was self publishing her autobiography entitled, “Tragedy to Triumph”, ‘Discover the secret of gaining victory over abuse.’ (www.TragedyToTriumphBook.com) She is a public speaker and educator in many Police and Christian faith topics.

To see her Professional Profile, visit her investigations company website listed above and on the “About Us/Catherine” page, you will find the link to view.

Specialized Skills

Criminal Investigations – Specializing in Crimes Against Children and Juvenile Crimes
Kinesic Interview Skills - Advanced
Excellent Public Speaking and Presentation skills
Public and Police Educator
Excellent Verbal and Written Communication skills
Mediation skills
Major Public Event planning and organization skills
Mitigation Skills
Media Relations training and experience
Intermediate Accident Investigation


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