A Separation Survival Guide for Military Couples
A Separation Survival Guide for Military Couples
Practical Principles for Protecting Your Marriage While Separated
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Families and friends learn how to better understand the dilemma faced by military couples and how to help them cope.


Explore the interconnectivity of critical issues many military families are confronted with.


Consider practical solutions to one of the most crucial threats facing relationships in the military and potentially the world.


Learn how to protect your relationship from extramarital affairs while maintaining commitment to your spouse.


Learn how to successfully survive the devastation associated with family separation.


Learn how to use a necessary tool for any couple to strengthen their relationship during short- and long-term times of separation.


Explore the painful journey of many families.


Help yourself understand the extreme difficulties of family separation; assist others with simple practical principles in coping and successfully surviving the experience.


Learn how to help others avoid pitfalls that can ruin their relationship.



The author was compelled to pursue further understanding of the suffering and pain of military families due to frequent deployment and family separations. During his tour of military duty as a chaplain, he has observed and experienced the myriad of difficulties that couples have had to endure. The author also wanted to know if current programs were effectively addressing issues and helping families. This book is a small portion of a major dissertation undertaking by the author, addressing issues concerning family separation and its effects on military families. Marriages in civilian communities have been significantly affected by problems in society (i.e., crime, violence, financial dilemmas, etc.). Military marriages often deal with these same issues, yet the problems are exacerbated by frequent family separations due to temporary duty (TDY) assignments and deployments. Deploying individuals and spouses who are left behind to maintain the household typically face great difficulties in dealing with separation. The impact is compounded when children and other family members are involved. This separation of military families also causes frustration. Military agencies are attempting to deal with these concerns, by implementing helping programs to assist families in a variety of ways. An effective approach to these problems is critically needed by today’s military leaders, family support professionals, and especially, the military families. Many approaches to these problems—such as intervention programs—merely treat the symptoms rather than the causes. These problems must be addressed with an emphasis on preventative methods rather than mere intervention programs. In this project, the research issues have been be approached qualitatively. The process involved interviews with professionals concerning the dilemma of family separation. The ultimate goals of this project were to (1) to address the issues of family separation and (2) to provide a separation survival guide for military couples. The outcome of the project describes and discusses many critical issues that families encounter during what have become frequent family separations that have devastated numerous military couples. These separations have also precipitated an increased number of infidelities, divorces and suicides amidst a myriad of other concerns. The project’s survival guide provides leaders, couples and other family members with information, insights, awareness and instructions on surviving family separation in addition to avoiding pitfalls that would produce increased frustration leading to the destruction of military families.

For many years Dr. Cregg L. Chandler has been concerned about families. He has served in various ministries in local communities since the 1980s, and has served in the military for over twenty-eight years.  While serving as a chaplain’s assistant and as a chaplain, the author became very concerned and alarmed after seeing the pain and suffering in the military community. 


He personally understands the demands, sufferings, temptations and the struggles of the military and the civilian community having counseled numerous couples and individuals with pre-marital, marital, personal, family and other concerns.


He received his Doctorate of Ministry from Regent University and has recently published a documentary dissertation on the same subject matter, addressing the issues of family separation.  The author currently lives in South Carolina with his wife of thirty years.  He has recently retired from military service and continues to serve in ministry, assisting individuals, families, and veterans in his local community.  



Excellent book. Well written. I found this book to be relevant to the point concerning issues facing military couples. This is a must read for military and civilian couples.
Gwen Chandler 
I received a copy of this book when it was first published. I was most impressed with the depth of knowledge that Dr. Chandler shares from his experiences in the military. This book was originally written to help military families to deal with issues in marriage. However, my perspective is that the content within will benefit every couple. Definitely a must read for military and civilian couples. Hopefully, Dr. Chandler will offer marriage conferences on this book. I just downloaded the Kindle version as well so I can content with others. Great job Dr. Chandler. Dr. Annette M. West, LivingWord Outreach Ministry.
Dr. Annette M. West 

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