A Life of Miracles
A Life of Miracles
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Hiram LeMay was born in 1924 in a family of seven children. He grew up during the depression, when times were hard. Returning from military service in 1946, he became a Christian. Three months later, he accepted the call to the gospel ministry, serving for over sixty-three years in seven different churches as a full-time pastor.

This book has just gone to press and I can guarnatee you it will be a great read. My dad, Hiram LeMay lived every word he printed. You are in for an intereting ride. He is not only a minister but is a minister who lives by every word that he shares.

He is an inspiration to me and has the life knowledge that no book could ever express. The man is amazing and will touch your life. I love you dad, you mean more and have been more of an inspiration to me than you will ever know...your baby "Lou"
Mary LeMay 
I am not a reader; however, I read this book in five sittings. I laughed aloud at times and choked up at others with tears in my eyes. It is a book for people not certain about heaven as well as those who are! FL. reader-Maynard Yost
Maynard Yost 
Awsome account of a life lived for Jesus!
Bonnie Brewer 
What a wounderful suprise awaits the reader of this wounderful book of miracles. Down to earth , and very good reading.
Jessie Hearn Le May 
A wounderful christian testimon of a life that was deducated the service of the Lord. A real thrill awaits the reader of this book of miracles.
Bonnie Brewer 
We love this book and Ray and I love this man. He is such an inspiration and fun to be around. We never miss a chance to hear him preach. We've heard a lot of the book already in his sermons, but it was a pleasure to read. We learned a lot of new things about Brother LeMay, some sad and some happy. We highly reccommend the book. You won't put it down until you're finished.
Janie Brady 
The A LIFE OF MIRACLES by Hiram Lemay is an impressive account of repeated miracles in the life of a man of God. My faith was strengthened, and my heart was inspired by the record of these events.
Ted Ingram 
This is such a GREAT book. I couldn't put it down until I had read it from cover to cover. It really shows how God can work in a life dedicated to Him.
Theta Campbell 
This is such an easy book to read, and so enjoyable. Just like the man, who is such a joy to be around. I am glad to be able to call him friend. He is an inspiration to my family and me. God choose Hiram to do great things.
Barbara White 

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