My Journey Back from Pornography
My Journey Back from Pornography
Confessions of a Cave-Dweller
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The title of this book says it all: a carefully documented journey that took place over the course of forty years being horribly addicted to pornography. This book describes in detail the introduction to pornography, how it became first and foremost in every aspect of life, and the extent of the addiction. The single years were totally submerged in pornography, but the journey continued through time in the military, becoming engaged to be married, and producing a child. The goal in writing this account is to make this book available to every man and woman who may be experiencing the grip of pornography on their lives and that feel like life is slowly being choked out of them. It illustrates that there is an escape available through Jesus Christ and His written word. In today's society more than ever, people need to be educated about pornography, so that they can understand just what it can really do to a life, whether a person is young or old. In the darkest times of life, when a person feels like no one can hear them or cares about what they are going through, this book is a reminder that there is a God that hears and cares deeply, if a person just simply trusts in Him and lets Him work in their life.

What is our defense today, against Pornography?  First and formost, we need to have an 'active' relationship with God, as described earlier in this book.  We should also practice a close family life. Enjoying family company, travelling together, worshipping God as a family, can reinforce family relations. Working towards a good, healthy marriage, including sharing good and bad times, maintaining open channels of communication, and cultivating a genuine 'love' for each other, not merely 'lust.'

The author’s qualifications consist of personal experience being addicted to pornography. This journey began in childhood and continued through adulthood. With no continuing education, experience was the best teacher. The author lives in Ohio with his wife of twenty-five years and his furry, four-legged adopted daughter, Trixie.


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