Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom
Practical Action Tips for Go Getters
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PATRICK JACKSON started out writing motivational tips and quotes on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc… Many people would comment and share how much these tips inspired them to work and live life better. He wanted to write this book and share fifty-two practical action tips of motivational quotes, ideas and strategies that he has used to become a high achiever in different areas of life.

You may or may not recognize some of these quotes and tips however he will briefly share with you his experiences and how they have shaped his life and how you receive them may have an impact on your life as well. Whether it was during his football or corporate career, motivational seminars or one on one discussions with friends, colleagues or other persons of influence, Patrick strongly believes that this information he calls Practical Action Tips for Go Getters will assist you in becoming the person you want to be and living your best life.

A Penny is worth more than one cent: How many times have you noticed a penny on the ground while you took a stroll down the street? You may not even bother to bend down and pick it up because you think it is not worth your time or effort, after all it's only worth 1 cent. Have you paid attention to the words written on top front of the penny? Yes it's only worth 1 cent in a monetary form however the words engraved at the top is a priceless message that reads, "In God We Trust."

God is always trying to assist us and others in one way or the other and many times we fail to take notice. The smallest act of kindness can make the biggest impact or difference in someone's time of need. A penny is not enough money to buy much of anything however the words and message engraved at the top is very important and not for sale. Everytime I see a penny on the ground, this give me a reason to think of God and how to continue to trust him for everything and this is my reason for picking up the penny because to me it's worth more than one cent.

Patrick Jackson is known to most of his family, friends and colleagues as “Action” or “The Action Online” for making things happen no matter what industry or activity he is involved in. His family consists of his lovely wife, Cami and their beautiful daughter, Lauryn. They are the reasons why he must achieve all that God has planned for him to provide for them a quality life that they deserve. He humbly serves as a deacon in church as well as mentor the youth in sports as well as leadership and life skills. In the early 1990’s, he played Professional football with the Atlanta Falcons and Ohio Glory and after suffering a career ending ankle injury, he began his working career as an insurance agent. He currently owns an online marketing company, (Action Online Marketing, llc), that markets and advertises products and services online as well as performing motivational speaking engagements for corporate and school entities and other charitable organizations.

Nice, easy read that is packed with life lessons throughout the book.
Jason Stegall 

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