World War 3 Coming Soon!
World War 3 Coming Soon!
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Why is the book of Revelation so difficult to understand? It is full of symbolism, ferocious animals and horses of varying colors, humanity being destroyed, and a woman riding a beast. It's supposed to be a book of revealing. The author spent forty-three years studying the Bible and found "keys of understanding.” The keys are found throughout the Bible. They unlock the book of Revelation for us today. Most prophecies are for the end time we are now approaching. We need to understand them. No one wants to read a book concerning all bad news about World War III and the great tribulation. But there is good news following the bad. Can you imagine a world at peace? All armies are disbanded, all weapons melted down into farm implements. You will read the good news about the return of the Prince Of Peace, Jesus Christ's coming as King of Kings.

Have you ever tried to open a lock with a ring full of keys? You have to try each one. Some fit, but won't open the lock. Perhaps only one will open the lock. Have you ever studied The Book of Revelation? The symbolism is difficult to follow. Yet the title is The Book of Revealing. Why then is it so difficult to understand? In 43 years of studying the bible, the author has found The Keys to The Book of Revelation. These keys fit the locks and open them to our understanding. The specific purpose of this book is to demonstrate that The Keys work and they are able to help us understand the future events culminating in World War 3, consisting of three phases. The Keys are found in the Book of Daniel, Book of Psalms, Gospel of Matthew, The Prophets, and other places in The Bible. As you read this book, you need to have an open Bible to check out the prophesies. The author has written this book with the intention of reaching those who have little or no knowledge of the scriptures as well as the Bible Scholars, also those of various faiths It doesn't matter if you are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish,Moslem, Atheist,Agnostic,or any other Faith. Some scriptures are repeated because more understanding can be gleaned from looking out from a different perspective. The Bible was relevent to people 3000 years ago. It is even more relevent to us today. The Bible and history go together. The Bible tells us about the past,present, and future events with great accuracy. If we knew for sure World War 3 was just ahead of us , we might just make some changes in our lifestyles. We might get serious about how we live day to day. The best part of this book is the end, when our Messiah brings peace to this troubled world. And people learn to live at peace with their fellow man, in cooperation instead of competition. You will see a future as close to utopia as you can possibly get. All the daunting problems we face today will seem as nothing in the end. Rev.21:1-7.

The author has spent over forty-three years studying the Bible. He is presently the pastor of the Southern New Mexico Church of God in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He broadcasts on radio KOBE and also on Comcast local TV each Sunday. Both programs are entitled What Is Truth?

I read this book from this new Author, thinking i was going to be disappointed. In contrast Mr. Stahl is very knowledgeable and has a keen insight to the understanding of the bible. I would recommend this book to understand the end time.

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