Filling My Life with Joy
Filling My Life with Joy
A Guide to the Better You
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Filling My Life with Joy is a guide to the discovery of the better self inside of you. The book is designed to instruct and guide you through all the hurt and pain that life’s situations place upon us.

There are three essential things that will bring joy into our lives: something that’s right for us to do, something that’s right for us to love and, something that’s right for us to hope for, and these three are the gardeners of our soul that cause it to bloom.

The life of a man is like the passageway through the forest of everlasting life. Inside the forest there are many things to discover. That which is helpful and that which is harmful; all this and much more lies within the maze of it all.
But within each network there is also a wealth of information that’s to be learned as we go through the passage routes of it all.
We cannot move to the next gate until the entrance that we’re in is entered into correctly. God has meant for life to be an upward spiraling adventure. You nor I can know God and not grow in pain and in ecstasy! He comes with it all, and so do we.
These are the memoirs of my life and quest for spiritual adjustment and prosperity through the One God that gives us the power to attain wealth. It must be discovered within yourself first before any manifestation of it can occur outwardly.
To know God is to be touched by Him. This is a true account guide of the path to be taken in order to be reached and touched by the One who created us and all the things that we desire. Everything is yours to have.

Dr. Larry Manley is a graduate of the Leadership Development Institute of Spartanburg, South Carolina; he was born in 1954 in Seneca, South Carolina, holds a Doctorate of Divinity from Progressive Life Church, is a graduate of South Carolina Baptist Convention New Works Seminar, and a graduate of the Granoff School of Music, Philadelphia.

He served in the US Navy and was honorably discharged in 1971. He was awarded the National Defense Award Medal, Home Port at Norfolk, Virginia.

Dr. Manley is currently the executive director of the House of Destiny International Ministries, counselor, teacher, minister, mentor, inspirational public speaker, and published author of The Majestic One, Jungle Within, Equipping Leaders to Build Healthier Churches, and his latest book, Filling My Life with Joy/A Guide to the Better You.

He is a faith builder, extremely positive toward helping others, a veteran leader with “high revelations” in the Lord, and an excellent communicator, who loves working together for the common good of all mankind. He is a businessman and experienced leader in the community, partners with Feed the Children International Ministries and Operation Blessings, and is a builder of mankind.


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