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What happens when two people hit rock bottom? Mike, a failed baseball player, had seen all of his dreams crushed and felt like the entire world was against him. Sarah had the ideal life; however, she lost it all when her mother and best friend passed away when she was in college. But a chance encounter on a chilly beach in the middle of the night will change both of their lives forever and put them on a path to redemption.

Mike turned around dejected and walked back to the cabin. When he got back he was too mad to sleep so he walked down to the lake. Mike was very upset at this point. The lack of alcohol combined with his trouble grasping the meaning of everything that had happened during the day sent him into a torrent of obscenities and shouting. Mike was screaming at the lake, at the sky, at the sand, and at the trees. Then Mike heard a voice off in the distance.
“Hey.” The voice said.
Mike stopped shouting and started looking around.
“Hey.” The voice said again.
Mike could tell that the voice was getting closer now. He continued looking around and then saw the figure of a young woman coming towards him.
“Hey is everything ok?” The woman said.
Mike stared at her for a minute. He didn’t know what to make of this woman. He then came to the conclusion that she wasn’t real; she was just a ghost. Mike had read stories about all the people who had died on Lake Superior, and how many of their ghosts haunted the shoreline around Whitefish Bay.
“You’re a ghost.” Mike said
“No I’m not a ghost, I’m just a girl. Why are you yelling?” The girl said
“No! No! You’re definitely a ghost.” Mike said. “You can’t be real. This doesn’t make sense.”
“Of course I’m real.” The woman said. “Here give me your hand.” The woman grabbed Mike’s hand and touched it to her shoulder. “See I’m all flesh and blood just like you. I’m not a ghost.”

Ron Bruce has taught high school English, history, and government since 2004 and has continuously studied literature and writing in an attempt to reach his students. He has done graduate work in the fields of English literature and special education. Ron played baseball for twelve years growing up and has coached Little League. Ron lives in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, with his wife, Sara, their two dogs, and two cats.


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