Legacies of Valor
Legacies of Valor
Traits of Character: The Noble & The Notable
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Legacies of Valor is all about obtaining a deeper understanding of biblical characters, both their most noble traits and their less notable character flaws. This book is intended to help us conduct a self-awareness expedition into who we are in Christ. To achieve this, we must examine and understand what God has to say about us, how He sees us, and what we need to know about Him.

Within Legacies of Valor we will explore how to:
- Acquire Wisdom and Gain Understanding
- Turn Adversity into Strengths
- Assure God’s Guidance
- Stand in Faith
- Understand God’s Character
- Pay God’s Favor Forward
- Know Your Resolve
- Mature as a Warrior for Christ

We will learn how the following bible characters became Difference Makers for God.
- Noah: Last Man Standing
- Gideon: O Valiant Warrior
- David: A Mighty Man of Valor
- Nehemiah: Difference Maker
- Joshua: Wholeheartedly Committed
- Nathan: Bold and Unafraid Spokesman
- Hezekiah: A Prayer Warrior
- Jesus: Through the Eyes of a Child

God gives to all men, generously and without reproach. While it is also true that the bible does say that ‘in the counsel of many, wisdom is established,’ in this passage, James is talking about how to obtain wisdom one on one with God. Not only is wisdom given to all generously, it is also given without ‘reproach.’ Without reproach means without criticism, without accusation, free of reprimands and no blame.

David Hammond is owner and founder of Hammond Ink, a marketing communications consultancy firm. For over thirty years, he has helped Fortune 1000 firms design and deploy marketing communications strategies and launch new business ventures. He is highly regarded as a creative communicator, speaker, and motivator. In addition to authoring Legacies of Valor and managing Hammondink.com, David is an accomplished psalmist, singer, and recording artist, releasing his first full album, Warrior for the King, in 2009.

When David isn’t consulting to corporate America or sharing his book and walk of faith at churches seeking a spark of revival, he is busy promoting his CD to radio stations, with the hope of getting God’s Word out to those in need of a lift. And when he’s not working, he can be found hiking the high country trails of northern Colorado or off-roading in search of that next adventure that’s just ahead and around the bend.


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