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This book was created with the intent to grab and wake you from the message of the modern-day church that preaches “God has a wonderful plan for your life” or a “lifestyle-enhancement Gospel”. Imagine hearing these words from our Holy Creator on Judgment Day: “Depart from me you who practice lawlessness, I never knew you.” What would you do if that happened? Moreover, are you willing to take that chance? Examine yourself right now. Do you consider yourself a good person, really? Romans 3:10 (NKJV) states, “There is none righteous, no, not one.” Take a closer look at the beliefs you may have been taught throughout your life. I am eternally thankful to our Lord and Savior for His patience with me, the undeserved love and kindness He has, as well as His unending grace and mercy He offers to His children. A special thanks goes out to LivingWaters (Ray Comfort and staff ), Bridge - Logos foundation for their help and my family for never giving up on me.

I’m a sinner, but under The Great Commission, the Lord has enabled me, entrusted me and provided the words in my mouth to convey this message.   I understand that some may not care to hear this, as a matter of fact; it might even anger some of you.  Please persevere throughout this message as I believe in my heart through God’s leading; it will not only change, but transform your life.   I hope this message will bring you to your knees and close your mouth.
     Let’s get started!  Can we define the word “Gospel”?  The English word “Gospel” comes from the Greek word - Euaggelos meaning “Good News”.  In today’s society it is associated with “Church”.  Today’s church isn’t spreading “Good News” but a “Bad Infection!”

     Today’s church has turned the “Good News” into a myriad of beliefs, so far from the actual truth, so that we can be ‘comfortable’ with God.   The message that’s being preached by some Pastors is a WATERED DOWN, HALF TRUTH, diluted Gospel.  The modern day church has so convoluted the meaning of the “Good News” that, by the time those who desire with their whole hearts to seek a Holy God travel through the maze of confusion that has built walls so high and thick, based on individualistic ideas, they become bitter, hard-heartened and are labeled backsliders by the very same ones who created the maze itself.  

     Backsliders, ones who by the time they get to the actual truth, they are so tired of hearing it therefore, turn away.  
But, are they really backsliders at all?  In my understanding, no, they probably never slid forward in the first place.
They were actually a false convert, a product of a corrupt message.  

     This so called “Love” gospel only reaches the flesh; it can’t get to the heart.  It can’t pick at the sin so that there can be a cleansing.  This gospel says:  “God has a wonderful plan for your life” – He will fix your marriage, drug addiction, illness and will give you happiness beyond measure”, “Just believe and get saved.”  There’s nothing about repentance, nothing of Godly sorrow, nothing of TURNING FROM YOUR SINS, taking up your cross and following the Lord.  
 People who say a little prayer said, “You’re fine, you’re good it’s going to be ok!   Just look at this story from JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. Reported on March 5, 2012, you decide if we are OK:

          A Jacksonville Beach mother is in custody in Georgia following an investigation she allegedly tried to sell her 6 year-old daughter.  Florida Department of Children and Families spokesman John Harrell says the investigation started in mid January with the 6 year-old and her younger sibling now together with relatives.  Harrell says the investigation revealed that Dalina Nicholas, "apparently tried to sell the child in exchange for drugs."  The Jacksonville Beach Police Department says Nicholas was arrested last week in Georgia.  No specifics on the charges she faces or when she will be returned to the First Coast have been released.  DCF says the little girl will need long term counseling which is underway right now .


Matthew has been a waiter, a bartender, a salesman, a manager, a security guard, a medic, a police officer who held a top-secret clearance, and just recently a prison inmate or as the world labels, “a convict.” But with all that said, he is nothing without Christ.

While incarcerated in the Alabama Department of Corrections, Matthew found his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whom he now humbly serves with all his heart. Matthew prays that this book is a constant reminder of the undeserved love and mercy He offers His children. If only one soul is brought to Christ through true repentance, although Matthew prays for thousands, he knows angels will rejoice in heaven.

It took forty years for the Israelites to finally journey out of the wilderness. A week prior to his release date, he turned forty years old.

A wake up call for me. It brought about an experience that has changed my life forever. This book is like a match to light a fire. The author conveys this message with boldness and conviction. I certainly look forward to the next book he pens.
Donna Bruno 

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