Our Sunny Day Ride
Our Sunny Day Ride
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Vibrant colors and fun sounds abound in this children's book about God’s animal world. Meet a busy bee, a bold toad, and other animals that God has wonderfully created. Get ready for an adventure!
... “Chirp! Chirp! Twitter!” I looked over my head and saw a tiny critter. It sang the best song that I’d ever heard. That’s when I knew it could only be a bird! After listening awhile, we got back on the road. We soon came upon a bold, lumpy toad. "Croak!" said the toad as he jumped into our car. Did he want a ride? If so, how far? He hopped about from seat to seat. Then he jumped out the window when we reached a creek.
Lori Lynn Sullivan was born and raised in western Maryland. As a child, she enjoyed taking rides in the country with her parents and two sisters. Our Sunny Day Ride is her first children’s book.

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