Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever
The Story of Bandit
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If you have lost a beloved pet or have one that is getting older, this book was written for you, to give you hope.


This is the life story of Bandit, our Siberian husky.  If you've never had a husky, you will be in for a pleasant surprise.  They are extremely intelligent creatures and love to socialize with people.  They can't have a conversation with us, but certainly not for lack of trying!  If they could form syllables, we would not get a word in edgewise.


I also give credit to God for answering my prayers for Bandit, as well as actual Scriptures pertaining to animals in the Bible, and how we struggled to live through the loss.  He was my best friend.

When I told the dog trainer that I had a Siberian Husky, she asked the class, "Do you know the difference between a Labrador and a Husky? If you throw a stick over the edge of a cliff, the loyal lab will run right over the edge of the cliff after it. Now, if you have a Husky, and throw a stick over the cliff, the Husky will look back at you and say, "Yeah, right!"

The Story of Bandit is the true story of our life with a Siberian husky.  We lived through all of this, and it is a firsthand experience of what it is like to lose an important pet in our lives.  He should have enjoyed being up north, but instead, Bandit lived in Florida with me, my husband, and my two sons.


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