When Sorrows Come My Way, I Look Up and Forge Forward
When Sorrows Come My Way, I Look Up and Forge Forward
Recovery From Pain and Sorrows
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Reflect and experience how others have dealt with grief and situations that hurt. This experience demonstrates that sorrow and pain come to everyone. Despite how grave, dark, and deep the abyss appears, trouble will not last always.

This account gives views to the expedition for a clear and direct passage to emotional safety.

Daddy loved mother with a passion. It was the kind of love I coveted as a young woman looking for a mate. Daddy loved his children and taught us simple truths."you can do whatever you make up your mind to do or be. With Christ all things are possible," he would encourage.

I remember daddy, a praying man. He and mother bought their first home, and had many hopes and dreams for the family. I remember daddy praying that he would be able to pay for that home. During those years, he was employed at the Lumber Mill. It was a pretty good job, as jobs go. The security was uncertain, but the hope in Christ was large He continued praying while waiting to hear from the Holy Spirit.

One day he had a vision of him standing on the front porch, of the house, with a banner stretched over the top. The banner read, "Paid In Full." That part was exciting to him. However,as he took a closer look, there he stood with a military uniform on. Needless to say,he was disturbed. Daddy began to plead his case against going into the military. He was a family man.. He had four children. He was active in his church, in fact chairman of the deacon board.

Fast forward many years. That's how my parents paid for that house. Payment by payment was made from military income and rent of the property. Thank God for a praying who taught us the value of obedience. He could have resisted the guidance from the Holy Spirit. Who knows where that would have taken him.

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Many thanks for your book. Having also lost a husband in a mortorcycle accident, your reminder of,"trust and obey for there is no other way",was just what I needed to hear at that particular time.
Beryl Drobeck 

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