Never Empty the Spit Valve on Yourself.
"Never Empty the Spit Valve on Yourself."
And Other Life Lessons Learned in Middle School Band
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The students in Dr. Warnock's bands often succinctly express deep values and lessons that they gained while simply learning to play their instruments. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, and always insightful, these statements made in the hustle of everyday life inspire all those around the students. In this book, Dr. Warnock pulls together some of the statements that have meant the most to him.
Life Lessons on DAILY LIVING Your fingers move faster than your brain. Don't get ahead of yourself. 7th Grade, Clarinet Put your heart into what you love. 6th Grade, Percussion Band is a good way to get my family together. 7th Grade, Clarinet There is always something new to learn. 8th Grade, Euphonium The faster you go, the harder it will be. 8th Grade, Trumpet You can have a fun time up to a point to where you need to stop. 8th Grade, Trumpet Teachers will laugh at the funniest jokes. 7th Grade, Alto Saxophone Clarinets are amazing kissers. 7th Grade, Alto Saxophone Take care of the things you care about. 6th Grade, Trombone Endurance is key; patience is a necessity; cooperating is best and never give up. 8th Grade, Percussion A teacher can be boring, but fun. 6th Grade, Clarinet Whatever the question, air is the answer (most of the time). 8th Grade, Clarinet Keep mean stuff in your head or whisper it to the person next to you. 8th Grade, Trumpet If you don't want to get hiccups, breathe right. 7th Grade, Clarinet Band and gum don't go together. 7th Grade, Alto Saxophone
Dr. Warnock has been teaching middle school band students for over a decade.  He has always been interested in the ways that children learn and the impact that music education has on the development of adolescents.  The inspiration he has gained from his students has made a lasting impact on him, as well as those around him. Dr. Warnock currently lives in Senoia, Georgia, with his wife and young son, where he continues to work with middle school band students.

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