The Jeremiah Project Part 1—The Scrapbook
The Jeremiah Project Part 1—The Scrapbook
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Turn off all the noise, and get yourself comfortable. Jeremiah invites you in. The Jeremiah Project Part 1—The Scrapbook has the bones of a study guide but as Scripture is searched and questions are answered the study takes on the form of a novelette. The study begins with Jeremiah’s official appointment. Jeremiah will represent the Lord in a monumental court case that administers justice. This case still affects us today.

The Lord had a legal and binding relationship with Israel. Their relationship is compared to marriage in this study of God’s Word. When God acquired Israel as a vessel-bride, Israel acquired God’s promises, which were outlined in a living and breathing contract. The once gracious contract which united the two parties in holy union has by legal recourse become a beast which, in study, serves to bind the pair in its merciless grip.

The Jeremiah Project Part 1—The Scrapbook is a user-friendly study that you cannot afford to miss. It’s like finding a few more pieces to that big puzzle of life. Some of us have a good start at putting it all together, but the picture of life becomes a little clearer and makes more sense after spending some time with Jeremiah. You will find insightful information as he, by appointment from God, delivers wisdom, comfort, and strength that will get many through the upheaval in our world.

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As a new and upcoming author, A.J. Foltz is a career Christian who has undergone a lifetime of God’s training on and off the Christian field. Foltz has been married for thirty-three years and raised three children.

I'm not one that normally takes the time to write a review, however this work has excited me to dive in and learn more about Jeremiah. Great read!
Sherry Walker 
In today's world it is easy to do what makes you feel good. It's easy to tear others down instead of showing compassion and concern. It's easy to put family, work, money, or fill in the blank before God. Often times we hear the advice "follow your heart". Unfortunately, this advice can lead you down a very slippery slope.

The Israelites believed in God but wanted to follow their own desires. God had so much more in store for them, but time and time again God's chosen people would experience pain and hardship because of their ways. The Jeremiah Project carries a powerful message for all of us today no matter where we are in our walk with Christ. The same warnings Jeremiah presented are relevant to Christians today and we get several snapshots of Jesus through God's words in the book of Jeremiah. If we would be willing to sacrifice our own desires, God would have more opportunity for his will to be done. The positive, life-changing outcomes we do see in his kingdom would increase tremendously if we would heed the words of Jeremiah. Will you be brave enough to read these warnings and take the advice from thousands of years ago and apply them to what you are accomplishing for God's kingdom today?
Rachelle Ring 

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