The Lizard In The Laundry
The Lizard In The Laundry
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There's more than a lizard in this laundry basket. Three brothers—Ricky, Robby, and Rossie—spend an adventurous evening helping Mom catch a lizard in the laundry. They also find a turtle in a box, a sock full of rocks, and a hamster in the hamper. Told in rhyming verse, this story is a fun, family-friendly reading experience.

"That lizard's in the laundry." Mother said, "Let's find him now." Ricky said, "Don't worry. I'll get him. I know how."

He stuck both hands in deep. He was searching all around. He didn't find the lizard. But, this is what he found...

Like the lizard in the laundry, Mitzi Doster has been hiding. Creative and talented, Mitzi spent most of her life writing and illustrating to encourage others. A recurring bout with breast cancer prompted her to do something to make a bigger impact with her life. Her desire to leave a literary legacy that will continue to help and encourage others was fulfilled when the Granting Dreams Foundation teamed up with Thomas Nelson Publishing to publish her book. How wonderful that reading and rhyming were mixed with God’s timing, allowing Mitzi to share her talents with us.


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