The Richness of the Catholic Faith: A Poet's View
The Richness of the Catholic Faith: A Poet's View
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The stories and poetry in this book are reflections about the richness of my own life experiences springing from Catholic beliefs. They arouse the spirit of healing by taking us into the familiar experiences of: Δ Laughing with God. Δ Learning how our faith shapes our life events. Δ Recalling friends who have added happiness to our life experiences through their own beliefs. Δ Enjoying a rare set of stories about how our male friends contribute to the richness of the life experiences of their families, their friends, and their communities.

Results of living with our Catholic beliefs sometimes are reflected in unexpected ways. There are occasions when we know immediately that our beliefs are enriching our lives. However, the recognition of how our beliefs affect others may be delayed while they are experiencing life events with, and through, those beliefs. The following note reminds us of how living with our Catholic/Christian beliefs affects our lives and those of our children. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Father's Day Hi Dad, I'm so glad we got to unexpectedly see you yesterday afternoon. It was a whirlwind weekend of sports. I never got to pick up a card. So, I share these thoughts with you about Father's Day... I thank you for all that you do for us as a family. You may not realize the value of the lessons you have taught us in the last half a century. Those lessons are recognized deep in our hearts, though we rarely speak of them. You have given us inner strength flowing from the strength of your own spirit. Your life has been a model of what it is to be a good Christian. You have instilled within us strong family values. You have helped all of us to pack, to move, to paint, to prepare houses for ourselves while facilitating our efforts to provide homes for our own families. You have raised your spirit and voice to the Lord to show us the importance of faith in our lives. You have taught us how to grieve and to forgive. You have shown us how to honor our mother and to love a partner. You scooped out ditches so that water doesn't flood the place. You and mom washed windows so that life looks a little clearer when we gaze at it through our own lenses. You have loved and sat with our children for twenty years and taught them about beliefs that are springs of effervescence in life. Because you and mom have lived life with zest, we succeed, we love, we thrive. Thank you for being our father and our mother's companion.

About John Patrick Gatton My first poem was titled “Imagine.” My own spirit responded to that poem’s description of our daughter Cindy’s arrival in heaven. That spiritual response has inspired my writings for more than twenty-five years. After having cancer and experiencing MariEl Healing through a wonderful woman of healing, Patrice Cheviot, I became a MariEl Healing practitioner. MariEl Healing emanates from Jesus flowing through Mary. The practitioner is a participant in the prayer process. Friends knew of my history and asked to personally experience this healing prayer. Twenty years later, I have prayed with hundreds of people who have cancer. Out of those prayer experiences, and based on a career of formulating and delivering executive development workshops, I created workshop experiences for people experiencing cancer. Recently, I have been delivering workshops for people who are searching for deeper peace and emotional freedom through their own relationship with God. Over the years, these workshops have been given to the American Cancer Society, conducted at churches, and at the Upper Room, a Catholic spiritual development center in Neptune, NJ. Before writing, a prayer asking for guidance helped me feel spiritually connected and attuned to persons whose stories are reflected in this book. These stories are about spiritual life based in Catholic/Christian beliefs and our increasingly graced relationship with God that springs from those beliefs.

Early readers of my book, "The Richness of the Catholic Faith: A Poet's View," are giving it 5 star reviews.

"I read and then bought a copy for each of my children."

“I have recommended “The Richness of the Catholic Faith: A Poet’s View,” to several friends. It is a wonderful book.”

"It is amazing to read stories about how much ordinary people affect our lives by living with Christian beliefs."

"Patrick's stories and poems are really uplifting to one's spirit."

"Patrick's book focuses on the results of living with Christian beliefs. The focus makes for fascinating reading."
Patrick Gatton  
The Richness Of The Catholic Faith: A Poet's View (Paperback)

Two Catholic Priests familiar with Patrick, his book and his writings,commented as follows:

1. Thanks for your inspirational book, The Richness of the Catholic Faith: A Poet's View. Keep up the good work!

2. I have read all of Patrick's published books and give him an A+ on all of his work. I also attended one of his workshops in my Parish. It was a life-giving event.

My own experience of Patrick's inspiring and practical workshops was attending one of his workshops at the Upper Room, a Catholic Spiritual Development Center in NJ. The workshop was given ratings of EXCELLENT. As a Counselor, I have been to a lot of workshops. This one was truly an excellent experience.
Lori Todd 
Priests reflect and comment on my book, “The Richness of the Catholic Faith: A Poet’s View:”

1. A nationally known Priest, Author and a legendary Storyteller said…

Thanks for your inspirational book, The Richness of the Catholic Faith: A Poet's View. Keep up the good work!

2. A Pastor with forty years of experience in leading Catholics to experiencing God’s love through the Sacraments, our beliefs, and our ancient traditions said…

Patrick, I have read all of your published books and I give an A+ for all of your work. I also attended one of your workshops in my Parish. It was a life-giving event.

Patrick Gatton  
The Richness of the Catholic Faith: A Poet’s View, by John Patrick Gatton is a delightful small volume. Gatton desires to share, as the title suggests, the richness of life available through a relationship with Jesus. Looking at this matter from various viewpoints, you can imagine what Mary might say to you, or how she might describe raising Jesus and experiencing his life and growth during his time on earth. You can imagine Peter’s thoughts and feelings as he describes his experience following Christ. Jesus’ life is even apparent in our marriages, relationships, children, hopes, and dreams. God’s creations, the flowers and the sunshine and the wild animals, all are created for our pleasure. Many illustrations are used in The Richness of the Catholic Faith to show how far reaching and indescribable the love of God is. By seeking him and allowing him a greater place in our lives, we can gain greater peace and healing for ourselves and those around us.

John Patrick Gatton describes himself as a poet, but the stories in this book are not typical rhyming poetry. Rather, they are written in a lyrical poetic way. At the same time, several principles of Catholic faith are explained. Forgiveness and prayer are keys to a relationship with the Godhead—even the Lord’s prayer says “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Peacefulness in all our relationships is something to be highly prized. We are to “be Jesus” to those around us and help others, love others, and serve others.

I don't think one needs to be Catholic to enjoy this book. It can bring peace to any Christian and potentially bring any person to Christ.
Mary Blowers 

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