Scared to Life
Scared to Life
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Divorced and free from an abusive husband, Paige Shugar moves to Pennsylvania’s Amish country. Will the quiet surroundings bring her the joy and peace she so desires, or will heartache find her once again? Can R.J., the town’s chief of police, protect Paige, and will he win her trust and love? Are Rory and Babs compatible, and does love happen a second time around? Scared to Life will answer these questions as Paige discovers who she is in Christ.

“Do not scream, make any noise or I will kill you right here!” he said in a low menacing voice. “If you don’t listen and do as you’re told I will go into your house and kill your friend.” Putting painful pressure on my arm he said, “Do you understand?” Shaking my head in agreement he urged me forward. “Walk behind your shed into the alley. I am right behind you. My gun has a silencer attached and I am not afraid to use it. Get moving slow and easy and no funny business.” As he shoved me forward I tried to stomp on his foot and elbow him in the abdomen. He was much too quick and hit me behind the head. When I woke up I had duct tape across my mouth, my wrists were bound with ropes and my ankles had duct tape wrapped around them. I was bouncing around in the trunk of a car speeding down the highway. Praying for God’s protection I tried to locate a rear light in hopes of somehow breaking it. I maneuvered my body close to the nearest one. Just then the car hit what felt like a bumpy lane and I was thrown around like a rag doll. The car came to an abrupt stop. Car doors slammed and the trunk lid was opened. Rough hands lifted me out of the trunk. Quickly scanning the area I saw a cabin with weeds growing up its exterior walls while small trees and long grass surrounded it. A vast field was in front of the cabin and mountains could be seen in the distance. I was carried inside the cabin and unceremoniously dumped on the floor. The duct tape was roughly ripped off my mouth. Looking around I saw what used to be windows; now boarded shut. Except for the dirt and filth covering the uneven rotting wooden floor I saw no furniture. “Why are you doing this to me? What do you want?” I asked quietly. Just then a very familiar face looked in the cabin door. “I remember you! You were at the Chinese restaurant and in front of the beauty shop. But you have had your hair cut and dyed since then.” “Shut up!” she said walking over to me and backhanding me across my face. Her large ring cut into the side of my face causing it to bleed. “If I want you to speak I’ll tell you too! For now, just––SHUT-UP––like I told you!’” With a hateful glare in my direction she said, “Tony, why can’t we kill her now? We can tell the boss where her body is and he can come and see for himself that she is dead!” With a fiendish laugh she kicked me in the stomach.

A writing course from Wheaton College, Illinois rekindled my desire to write a novel. I was blessed to have home-schooled my two children. I am a retired nurse and private investigator. I reside in South Central Pennsylvania with my dear husband Rich and our two felines.


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