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Nina Bennett was an acclaimed actress and singer, but after the death of her famous jazz musician father, she felt alone until her aunt Elaine opened up her heart and home to her. Nina’s star was shining, but her decision to break her contracts and sever all ties to Hollywood was easy. 

Church wasn’t new to her, but it felt new as she listened to the pastor of Christ Tabernacle Church preach the Word. She began to feel the hole in her heart start to heal. The “saints,” however, saw her as a wannabe Christian, looking for recognition, and they didn’t trust her. Nina’s nightly prayer was for their approval and acceptance. 

Five years after the tragic death of Pastor Darius Fairchild’s wife, he is a highly anointed preacher, and his flock at Christ Tabernacle is growing, but something is still missing in his life. His nightly prayer is for someone to love. Could Sister Elaine’s niece be the one God sent for him?

"Honey I've been studying you since I laid eyes on you. I know you can do this and if you need more schooling you can take courses on-line to get up to speed. 
"So you've given this a lot of thought haven't you? Just because I'm putting the center up doesn't mean I have to be at its helm too. How about I coordinate with whoever is running it when there is an event? Nina asked leaning away so she could see his face. 
"I take it back you are not amazing, you are a coward." Darius accused her. 
Nina's eyes widened. "I am not! The idea is to get more people in the community involved. 
"Trust me, this is perfect for you. Take a couple of business courses and run the center," Darius stated. 
"What about you, how much time are you going to contribute to the center?" Nina wanted to know. 
"I'll be around here and there," he replied vaguely. 
"You have some nerve calling me a coward Pastor Fairchild. your yellow streak probably glows in the dark," cried Nina. 
"I just get a kick watching you when you're riled up, you are so cute!" Darius told her laughing.

Lisa Arnoux-Brown is a widow, a mother of five, and a grandmother of six. Although a native of New York, she’s lived in Massachusetts, where she began her writing career and is the proud author of four of the In the Line of Duty series. Lisa is now embarking on a new journey to write Christian books. Her first labor of love, Beloved, took prayer and express attention to her Christian surroundings. She has worked as a dialysis technician for the past twelve years, work she continues to find rewarding.


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