Faith—Yes! Results—Yes!
Faith—Yes! Results—Yes!
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If you are looking for another “how-to” book, keep looking. This book is not for you. If you are looking for principles that will help you to “grow and go” in your walk with Jesus, the Christ, then you are the reader this book is seeking! As you read and study the principles contained in these pages, Jesus, through His Spirit, will teach you how to implement them into your own life. And you too will be shouting Faith—Yes! Results—Yes!

Are you in faith arrest? Then you need the paddles of the Word placed on your spirit to give you a “jolt” and head you off in the right direction. And, that direction is straight into the rest-filled arms of the Lord Jesus Christ, Himself! We start out with the true definition of faith and assure ourselves that every born again believer has faith already on the inside of him. We study the great heroes of the faith and look at the corresponding actions that caused God, Himself, to say that “He was not ashamed to be called their God”. We encourage ourselves with the knowledge that faith is a series of steps—not be all and an end all! We defeat the notion that you have to work for God. We abide in the Vine of the Lord Jesus Christ and allow Him to flow through us and out of us. All the while, we look and see: Faith—Yes! Results—Yes!

Cheryl Raburn accepted Jesus Christ in 1983 when He delivered her from suicidal depression. Cheryl’s background includes a master’s degree in early childhood education and experience as a life coach, motivator, and encourager, as well as in many facets of ministry, including pulpit, prayer, and worship team. A scoliosis and breast cancer overcomer, she is married to David Raburn.

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