The ABC’S of Children’s Sermons
The ABC’S of Children’s Sermons
Based on The Revised Common Lectionary Passages
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Children’s Sermons are often inadequately prepared, understood maybe only by the adults, and leave the youth wanting something to which they can relate. Because children take what you say literally, the stories need to be brief, to the point, and use simple and age-appropriate words. Leaders need to get and stay on the children’s eye level. This book will help you do that by offering a written sample story related to one of the week’s lectionary passages. An accompanying auditory example is told on the CDs. Each lesson tells you what props are needed. The storyteller is encouraged to include some of their own personal walk with God to make the sermonettes come alive. These tools will prepare you to plan ahead to present a relevant, effective message that the boys and girls will not only learn from but will come back wanting to hear more.

Year A Second Sunday of Advent
Romans 15:4-13
Items needed: short piece of harmony music
Have someone play or sing a short piece of music that has voices singing in harmony. In Romans chapter 15 verse 5 it says we are to live in harmony with one another. What does that mean? When we sing harmony it means all the different voices blend together. Harmony means we are to get along with one another and accept people who are different and who may dislike us. It is hard to do. Jesus did it with the people who made fun of Him, who thought He was pretending to be someone He was not. He showed them kindness and love. The next time someone says mean things to you try showing him kindness instead of saying hurtful words back to them. Let us ask God to help us remember to do that. God next time someone says mean things to us help us remember how Jesus handled similar things and that You can help us get through it. Thanks. Amen.

The Rev. Dr. Melanie J. Barton is a holistic psychotherapist. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work and a Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling. Dr. Barton is a licensed independent social worker and a member of the National Association of Social Workers. She is an ordained Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) minister. Dr. Barton has been telling children’s sermons for over three decades. She has an Internet international radio show called The Dr. Melanie Show on the Health and Wellness channel of It airs Thursdays at 1pm EST website is: She has published poetry, a magazine article “Who gets the Church when Couples Divorce”, on-line articles about eating disorders, closing a therapy practice abruptly due to a medical crisis, and her life story. She currently lives in Tallahassee Florida with her multigenerational family.


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