I Can Face Tomorrow
I Can Face Tomorrow
Perfect Bound Softcover
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I Can Face Tomorrow inspires strength, perseverance, and hope.

I Can Face Tomorrow encourages women to:

  • Stand up for yourself;
  • Speak up when something seems wrong;
  • Never be silent when you’re in danger;
  • Believe in the power of God; and
  • Believe in yourself.

You can brave insurmountable odds if you believe in your God-given abilities. Don’t doubt that you can make it. I Can Face Tomorrow reminds parents to keep an eye on their young children. When something goes wrong, investigate. You can never be too suspicious, when it comes to your children and their surroundings. Above all, don’t be shy when it comes to talking about important subjects that they need to know. If they’re informed, you give them a chance to escape many life-altering problems. Be careful who you trust with your children. Encourage parents to let children know they can talk about anything. Let them know they are not responsible for things they have no control of; nor will they be judged by someone else’s actions.

I Can Face Tomorrow is a testimony of what God can do, when you believe!

One Sunday in November, Paul took Nina and two of his friends to the beach. They were all having a wonderful time, when a very tiny and beautiful girl walked by in a killer two-piece bathing suit. As she went pass Paul’s friend, Neville, his eyes followed her all the way down the beach. Nina could not help herself as she watched him engrossed in his attention to the beautiful creature. He glanced at Nina and realized that she had been watching him all this time, as he watched enthralled by the creature’s beauty. They could not help but laugh at each other. Paul was not watching them but he looked back in time to see the knowing exchange between her and Neville. Things changed drastically after that but Nina did not understand the reason for it.

Paul would often give her a ride home from work; he started showing up after she reached home. He did the same thing when she goes home on weekends to be with her family. He would show up at the house in the middle of the night to see if she were home or if she had gone out. Paul did not openly accuse her of doing anything wrong but his actions were very suspicious. The biggest shock came one Friday evening after work,

H. C. Robins is an evangelist and teacher of Rehoboth Deliverance Temple in New Jersey. She has ten years’ experience in the management field; an associate degree in computer information systems; bachelor’s degrees in management science and human services management. The Jamaican-born mother of two lives with her husband in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

With the exception of the Bible I do not read a lot. My intention was to buy the book to support a Christian writter. I thought that I would just browse through it, but once I started reading it I couldn't put it down. This was an example a a true woman in Christ. She didn't let any weapon that was formed against her prosper. She did all to stand. What an encouraging story. All I can truly say is that I am waiting with tip toe anticipation for the sequel and for the movies. So many women go through similar situations. This book will serve as a true inspiration. We can face tomorrow!
Baaaqiah Williams 

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