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Combat Ready
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Combat Ready was written by and for veterans and active-duty personnel. It takes you on the journey from beginning to end of the military life paralleled by the life of a Christian. Personal and combat stories are interwoven into the book to bring it to life. Unfortunately, some people have gone through live-action combat. But few people know that everyone is in the middle of the largest war ever fought. There is a battle being waged between good and evil. Combat Ready will show you how to be properly equipped for this battle, to come out on top. Combat Ready shows how you are uniquely qualified to be a soldier for Christ.
There was a memorial service for the fallen brothers a few days later. It was the best way for the marines to begin putting closure to the loss of some of their closest friends. After the eulogies had been said for their fallen by their commanders and friends, roll was called. Names of the marines in the company were called, and they all answered present. The names of the fallen were called three times each, each time with more emphasis, to make sure they were not present. “Corporal Snyder. Corporal Joshua Snyder. Corporal Joshua D. Snyder.” Taps was played after the third calling of the name, while the entire formation presented arms to the rifle, boots, and helmet memorial. All the talent in Hollywood could not capture the emotion and drama of this moment. Tears streamed down the faces of some of the toughest men. PFC Brown was eulogized by Corporal Barbosa, the marine who led him to Christ. Sadly, three weeks later, Corporal Barbosa was killed in a vehicular accident. It's almost as if his work in this world was done when he led PFC Brown to Christ, and he was called home to the Lord. There wasn’t another combat casualty after the morning of January 7. Every day, sometimes several times a day, for the next three and a half months, the marines had to put on their gear and patrol the same streets and walk among the same people who took the lives of their friends. They didn't always enjoy it, but they got the job done. By the end of their tour, the marines of Echo Company had captured or killed more known insurgents than just about the rest of the battalion combined. The incredible resilience and professionalism of the men of Echo Company never cease to amaze. They later learned that the sniper that stung so badly that January morning was firing from a modified vehicle, much like the DC sniper in 2002, and techniques were adapted to deny him any additional opportunities. He was killed on the outskirts of Fallujah by Third Battalion, Fifth Marines just after Echo Company left. Before David handed the command of the company over to the new leader, he left what little wisdom he had gained from his experience in Iraq. “In the end,” he said, “your life is not about you. You're in the middle of it, but believe it or not, your life is about everyone else around you and how you choose to influence them with the short time you have. It’s your responsibility to make the most of each day and each breath that God puts into your lungs. Remember Josh Snyder, Jeriad Jacobs, Kyle Brown, Felipe Barbosa, and Brett Lundstrom, who left their futures in Fallujah intersections of Henry and Fran, Cathy and George, and Cathy and Frank Streets. Tell their stories and how they died for their country and for their brothers in this company. “  These men are all heroes. The best example of selflessness in the company was Sergeant Joshua Frazier, who ran out under fire on the morning of January 7 to drag PFC Brown to safety. He volunteered to return to Iraq for a third tour, where he was killed by a sniper on February 6, 2007. Spiritual Warfare I have alluded to the spiritual battle that is going on a few times, but now I want to make a strong point regarding it. In a real-life battle, it can be easy to recognize the enemy. At other times, it can be a little harder. In spiritual battles, you will never see the enemy, so you always have to be on guard. You may not be able to see the enemy, but you can certainly feel the effects of the battle. You may be suffering, going through a trial, in pain, facing temptation, feeling depressed, or maybe feeling a disconnection with God. We are in the middle of a spiritual battle, and there isn’t much you can do about it. You can’t escape it. You can’t hide from it. You can’t run away. All you can do is choose: give in to the adversary or cling to Christ. For you to fully grasp this idea is to understand that we live in a sin-filled world. Every person and animal has a tendency to sin. We can’t undo sin by ourselves. We can’t fight the enemy by ourselves. Our job as Christians is to stay connected with God. We can view Jesus as the battlefield commander. If we stray away from Him, we can get caught by an enemy sniper. The enemy will sever the connection we have with God. You will never be able to fight off a squad of enemy soldiers on your own. The problem we have is to stay connected with God. There will be times when we do stray away. In those times God will seek after you and try to bring you back. If you ever get separated from the rest of your military unit, they will seek after you too. When they find you, I’m sure you would gladly embrace them. You may be reprimanded for wandering off, but at least you are alive. When God finds us after we wonder off, we need to gladly embrace Him too, instead of treating Him like the enemy. Accept the rebuke given to you, and learn from it. Since Jesus is the battlefield commander, we must obey all of His orders if we want to survive. Jesus said, “If you love me, you will obey my commandments” (John 14:15). Sometimes commanders and those in charge will make a poor decision. Jesus never makes bad decisions. Jesus will always bring you through the spiritual firefight and out the other side. There is no promise that He will keep you from all harm in your spiritual firefight, but He does promise to bring you through it (John 15:2; Proverbs 11:8). You just need to put your trust in Him and let Him bring you through. It is not easy to stay connected with God when there is so much going on in the world we live in. There are so many distractions around us: technology, games, fashion, relationships, cars, houses, and music. It’s easy to forget God exists and that He is here for us. Our job is to dig through all the distractions and find God. The distractions will occupy our minds to the point we can’t communicate with God. Therefore, we must be intentional in staying connected with God. If we are not intentional in staying connected with God, then we will be destroyed by the enemy. God can only save us when we grab hold of his outstretched hand.
David served in the US Marine Corps from September 1998 to November 2002. He was in the infantry as a TOW gunner in Second Battalion, Sixth Marine Regiment. David turned his life over to God and was baptized in January 2005. He has a passion to reach those who are suffering through life. Veterans have been through many hard times, and he wants to show them they can have a better life and there is hope for the future. He has learned that veterans and active-duty service members are uniquely qualified to be Christians. Without his military experience, David may not be a Christian today. David now lives in southwest Michigan, with his wife and two dogs, getting his master's degree in divinity at Andrews University. He has been a youth pastor in the past and now works in a local Seventh-day Adventist church.
I have a hard time getting into any type of book because I am not an avid reader. This book has got me hooked from the very beginning. Usually "war" or "combat" type books are often written from the artistic and research mind of a creative author, but this one comes directly from the mind of a former Marine. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to any veteran of the armed forces, their families, and any emergency personnel such as firemen, police, etc. This book is a MUST read!
This is an incredibly honest read. Even as a non-believer there is no denying the sincerity of David Wolstenholm's insights into his military service and Christian beliefs. Demands of a soldier and demands of a Christian believer are put side by side throughout the book, and while some of it got a little too deep into things I don't claim to understand, the autobiographical accounts of the author's journey (he did not enter the military as either a soldier or a Christian, but as more of a drifting mild variety troublemaker) reach the high standard all writers aspire to - cut open a vein and bleed on the page.
Brian G 
This is unlike any other book I have ever read. It's not a typical religious book, nor does it have some kind of Army training theme. This book opens your eyes to what it means to be a warrior for Christ.

When I first started reading this, I did not have much time to read and I thought I would read for an hour or so, but I couldn't put this book down. Before I knew it, a couple hours passed and I was reading well into the night.

It's a little short, but who cares. The information is something that really catches your attention and the ideas brought to you by David makes you sit and think about what you just read.

Highly recommended!

K. Mitchell 
An Interesting Perspective

I enjoy reading this book. I like the refreshness of the perspective that David Wolstenholm takes with his story. He draws comparisons between the military, Christianity and the bible that make sense to me. I can understand his point of view and how he got there. You can see throughout the book the deep thought that went into this project. To me this book is a coming to terms with the awakening, this quote from the book summarizes my point very clear, " “In the end,” he said, “your life is not about you. You’re in the middle of it, but believe it or not, your life is about everyone else around you and how you choose to influence them with the short time you have. It’s your responsibility to make the most of each day and each breath that God puts into your lungs." That quote says it all for me, a great read that I recommend.

Dennis Waller 
Based on David Wolstenholm's own life experiences as a member of the United States Marine Corp, this book reaches out to all Military people who are seeking spirituality in their lives. While specifically tailored to serviceman, this book can be grasped by all.

Wolstenholm’s book takes the viewpoint of the scripture Ephesians 6 :12-13.

He draws attention to the parallels of trying to be a solider for the government and training to be a solider of Jesus Christ. I personally liked how Wolstenholm repeatedly marks the difference between making the daily effort to serve Christ and his Father Yaweh(Jah, Jehovah etc.) by everything you do and just saying you are a Christian. All your actions are being noted, but this is not to intimidate or spread fear but to refine us as noted in Isaiah 1:25. God ‘refines’ what he wants to use( us to preach and reach others with the hope of the Kingdom). David also brings to mind that there are Christians who give other Christians a bad name, such as ones that are openly participating in God dishonoring behavior such as stealing or not displaying the fruitage of the spirit.( Galatians 5:22, 23.)

Wolstenholm also clears up any misconception regarding the speaking of tongues which I personally agree with 100%. Reference Scriptures are noted through the work and the author encourages the reader to look up any scriptures he or she reads or hears in a discourse or sermon. While Wolstenholm is a pastor at the Seventh Day Adventist Church he does push his particular religion on you. For readers who enjoy Frank E. Peretti, or just reading other view points on the Bible, Wolstenholm delivers a unique reading experience that is well researched.

This book is written by my son. I am a witness to all that he has gone through in his life and the way that God has made a difference in his life. This is his story. How he learned through being in the military and now being a Christian what it takes to live a life ready for what ever comes his way. The military equips for life and being a follower of Jesus equips for life. They are two different aspects but the same life. In the military you need to be combat ready for what the enemy may throw at you. Being a Christian you need to be combat ready for what ever Satan may throw at you. I recommend this book to anyone that wants to know just how to handle life. To those who are seeking answers God is the answer. This book will help open you eyes and heart to God.
Carol Wolstenholm 
Against the fascinating backdrop of his military experience, Wolstenholm challenges the reader to live the life God created him to live. Read the first few pages and feel yourself drawn into two worlds. First, that of the macho Marine who does just fine without God. Next, a world where God is first and the result is energy, fun, and deep meaning whether serving one's country or living the next big thing at your job or with your family. I dare you to read this book and not be refreshed and encouraged!
R Gladden 
Combat Ready was written for veterans and current members of the armed forces. The author weaves various stories of military experiences along with his own personal story. He changes his life from troublemaker to Christian and gives the reader a spiritual guide for choosing Christianity. I would recommend this book to everyone, not just service members.
Marty P 
The book is written so well, which creates the images in mind of an active battlefield. Though this is not a religious book at all, David has taken care to mix the incidents in this book with Christianity. The interconnection between Christianity and military life is fantastically pointed out in this. However I remarkably noticed that the author has maintained his own unique style of writing throughout the book. For me, it was a great, lovely read and I couldn't put it down till the end.
David Earner 
Combat Ready is written with accurate comparisons between military service and serving God. Although that is the comparison that the author uses, I believe that anyone can relate to this book. I am not in the military nor have I ever known anyone close to me that served but this book has definitely reminded me that I need to have a closer relationship with God. I think that as Christians, we sometimes get so involved in our life that we forget how amazing God truly is. We lose those character traits that God gives us such as patience and meakness and so many more. This book serves as a reminder to Christians and also as an information source to non-Christians just how much God loves us and wants us close to him. David has referenced every point he makes throughout his book with the coordinating scriptures so that anyone can verify his information and examine it for yourself. I am a Christian but in reading this book, I recognize the areas of my life that I have strayed from God and where I need to re-examine things. David's message in this book is not that of his own creation but that of God. I highly recommend this book to absolutely anyone that has a desire to know more about Jesus Christ.

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