Then Came the Rains
Then Came the Rains
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Discover the real message of Noah’s ark, one of the oldest tales of our world’s history. Then Came the Rains retells the legendary story of the animals and eight people who were saved from the flood by Noah’s ark. There is more to the account than just the flood. The ones who were saved in the ark were responsible for beginning a new world with a new attitude. This rendition will teach young ones what that attitude should be and aid them to have a life full of love and hope in today’s world.

Beautiful illustrations and lively prose will delight the young as they see the multitude of animals finding their way to a new life. Reading the tale out loud will bring laughter and a memorable experience between you and your child.

Noah and his family worked on the boat for many years. Just when they thought they could rest, strange sounds began coming toward the ark. Loud roars, squeaky squeals and noisy grunts moved closer and closer. Noah and his family saw hundreds of animals coming over the hills. The ground trembled and shook as the animals headed right toward them! Some walked, others hopped, some crawled, and many flew.
There came beetles, beavers and bears,
Hogs, horses and hares,
Flies, frogs and foxes,
Otters, opossums and oxen.
Lizards, leopards and lions,
Big and little birds flying,
Elephants, elk and eagles,
Bulls, zebras and beagles.
And then came . . .
Moose, mice and monkeys,
Dogs, deer and donkeys,
Antelopes, ants and apes,
Chimpanzees carrying grapes.
Buffalos, bees and bats,
Crocodiles, cranes and cats,
Tigers, turtles and toads,
Kangaroos, camels and crows.
And still more came . . .

After raising her family, Jan Widner returned to college and earned her degree in fine arts. She now happily teaches fine arts to children ages 4–18 years old in her studio in East Texas, motivating the students to see colors, shapes, and relationships in the world around them. Many of her students have earned acclaim in their communities as well as gained enrichment to their lives.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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