Students Can Help Keep Schools Safe
Students Can Help Keep Schools Safe
A Student/Teacher's Guide To School Safety and Violence Prevention
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“Students Can Help Keep Schools Safe is a timely book that addresses a subject we wish was non-existent. The message of this book enables children to be aware of potential danger as well as how to communicate and respond in a time of crisis.”
—Darrell Scott, Founder and President of Rachel’s Challenge

“All schools are safe havens for students, but it is critically important for students to report threatening behavior from classmates and to take proper steps when their safety is at risk from outside intruders. This book shares some ideas on how to make school environments safer.”
—Michael Kehoe, Chief of Police, Newtown, Connecticut

“While we continue to work on building a safer and more aware society, this kind of book is important. Students Can Help Keep Schools Safe begins teaching kids what is normal to see at school and what is not, and what they should do if they hear or see something that does not seem ‘normal’ in the context of school safety.”
—Laura Fronckiewicz, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Colorado Chapter Coleader

Students Can Help Keep Schools Safe is a much needed guide to promote school safety and violence prevention. This book directs students on recognizing potential danger and preparation if such an event occurs. The book offers students a pro-active approach to violence prevention. As a supplement, staff members are supported by a teachers guide for educators, and bonus student journal section. Parents and educators will appreciate the simple, nonthreatening language that creates a school safety message that every child must hear. This book has the potential to save many lives.

Schools are usually very safe places. They teach children about learning through subjects such as math, music, and reading. Schools are places to learn and have fun. Schools are also places to learn table manners.

But sometimes schools are not safe. Sometimes a disturbed person may enter a school with the idea of hurting people. Somehow hurting other people makes this disturbed person feel better inside. It is very hard for most adults and students to understand this. Sadly, this type of misguided, violent behavior can occur in the world we live in today.

The police are called in to help in any unsafe situation at a school. Police officers will arrive at the school within a few minutes. These officers know how to stop unsafe people. Listen to what the police say, it is their job to keep you safe and protect the school.

Reporting possible harm does not make you a tattletale, it makes you a hero. You have the power to make your school safer. When you report that a student is planning to harm others, you can save lives.

Schools are safe, wonderful places to learn and grow. It takes a community of safety educated students to help keep schools safe. Thank you for doing your part to make your school even safer than it was before!

Julie Federico, M.A. is a former middle school counselor. Violence in schools is a topic Ms. Federico understands. She was employed with Jefferson County Public School District during the 1999 Columbine High School shootings and was a first responder. She has dedicated this book to the Sandy Hook community in Newtown, CT. Ms. Federico, an expert in school violence has spent over a decade confronting this epidemic problem in our society. Parents and educators will appreciate the simple, non-threatening language Federico uses to create a school safety message that every child must hear. Ms. Federico awarding winning children’s author of Some Parts are NOT for Sharing and Anger is OKAY Violence is NOT are children’s first books on personal safety and anger control. Federico is not afraid to tackle difficult social problems, she has written about child abuse prevention, domestic violence prevention, and now school violence prevention. .


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