God's Weigh to Your Ideal Body Weight
God's Weigh to Your Ideal Body Weight
Your Body Should Glorify God
Perfect Bound Softcover
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As a Believer, reaching and maintaining your ideal body weight is your birthright. This is God’s will for your life. You are called to glorify God in your body. And you should know that the Bible is the greatest health and weight loss book ever written.

God’s people have become tired, sick, overweight, and are living a fraction of the years God intended. This is not God’s will for you. God has a better plan for you and the Church. Has man’s wisdom let you down? Are you now ready to reach your ideal body weight God’s Weigh?

In God’s Weigh to Your Ideal Body Weight you will learn…

  • What You Eat Matters to God
  • An Unhealthy Diet is an Unholy Diet
  • WWJW ™ - What Would Jesus Weigh? ™
  • The Five Spiritual Keys to Reaching Your Ideal Body Weight
  • God’s Diet Plan
  • Seven Practical Suggestions for Reaching Your Ideal Body Weight
  • Misinterpreted Scriptures That Keep You From Your Ideal Body Weight
  • Exercise is Not Necessary to Reach Your Ideal Body Weight
  • How to Overcome Addictive Behaviors such as Gluttony, Anorexia, Bulimia, Alcoholism, and Smoking
  • God’s Desired Lifespan for His People  
  • How a Healthy Church Can Draw the World to Jesus Christ

Year after year the number one New Year’s resolution is weight loss. Yet, year after year we continue to lose the battle of the bulge in ever-increasing degrees. I think it could be argued that the worship of the body-beautiful has continued to increase year after year as well. We often consider this to be a tragedy of health, which it certainly is. But isn’t this also an incredible emotional tragedy? While our desire to look good increases, our health and looks are decreasing even quicker.

The poor physical condition of the people in this country, and even around the world in recent decades, is more dramatic and epic a catastrophe as presented by any plague in the Bible. With the exception of the world flood, no plague in Scripture was more damaging and on a more global scale than the degeneration we have seen in the health and body weight of people around the world. Something must be wrong.

How can this be? There is a new diet plan or exercise program out on the market even before the previous diet plan or exercise program has fizzled out. But despite the promises made, none provide sustainable success. Mankind has done its best to resolve the health and body weight issues of the people in this country and around the world. The world has responded optimistically to these man-made solutions with the expenditure of billions of dollars each year on gym memberships, diet and exercise programs, the latest fitness equipment, the most wiz-bang kitchen appliances imaginable, and nutritional supplements, but to no avail.

Mankind has even decided that since we can’t seem to figure out how to improve our health and body weight, we should now come up with some pop-psychology that will help us to learn to accept ourselves just the way we are. Is the problem not that we are overweight after all, but that we simply lack self-esteem and have a poor body image? Is big beautiful? That doesn’t sound right.

The Church can’t argue, or hasn’t argued, that this problem is caused by a lack of Godly wisdom and power. The Church can’t argue this because the Church is just as tired, sick, and overweight as the rest of the world. Should this be the case? Or should the Church have access to God’s wisdom concerning this matter, wisdom that the world could never have known or discerned?

If the Church should be able to look to God for wisdom to overcome this issue, then why has it not? The Church contends that God has provided us with the wisdom and power to live a successful life, but at least relative to health and body weight, that has not been proven to be true. Has God failed us in this area? Did He fail to show us a better way? Should the Church be looking to the world for the answer? Up until now that has certainly been the case. Shouldn’t the world be looking to the Church for answers and solutions to life’s challenges?

We obviously believe that our body weight is of serious importance. It wouldn’t be number one on the New Year’s resolution list if it wasn’t. Is it possible that God would have failed to provide instruction regarding an area that is that important to us? Could God have forgotten to equip us to be successful in achieving good health, and in reaching and maintaining our ideal body weight? I really would have thought that God cared more about His people than that.

Maybe God has provided His people with the wisdom and power to live successfully with regard to health and body weight. If so, how would the Church have missed His instructions? With the constant study of the Bible, by millions of scholars and laymen alike, on a daily basis, with such a huge problem looming above our heads, it doesn’t seem possible that we would have overlooked such incredible insights. 

Is Satan to blame? Satan is always the thief that comes to kill, steal, and destroy. Is this his handiwork? It certainly makes sense that Satan would want to keep God’s best from us. But if we are so concerned about our health and body weight, how could he have deceived us into ignoring God’s wisdom regarding the matter?

Could it be that the Church has willingly ignored God’s instructions, maybe because they have been deemed too difficult? But in order to do this, wouldn’t the Church have to misinterpret God’s Word, deny that such wisdom existed, and/or deny that it applied to us today? If this wisdom is the solution we are looking for, why would it not apply to us today? If it doesn’t apply then maybe God isn’t concerned about our health and body weight after all. So why did He go to all the trouble of including His instructions regarding diet and health in the Bible? It all just doesn’t make sense. Until now…

As a Believer, it is your birthright to live out your life at your ideal body weight. This is part of God’s will for your life. And God has provided everything you need to know regarding reaching and maintaining your ideal body weight in the Bible.

The Bible is the greatest health and weight loss book ever written. In the Bible God reveals what you are to eat, how much you are to eat, when you are to eat, and why you are to eat (dietary holiness). And He goes on to tell you what it takes to become spiritually conditioned to the point of obedience to His dietary directives in route to your ideal body weight.

God is not glorified when His people are overweight. We are called to glorify God in our bodies, to be a witness to a lost world, to be a light that shines on a hill, and to live above all the nations. The Church is called to be a beacon of hope, an example of successful living, and a testimony to the wisdom and power of God in our lives. An overweight Church fails to accomplish this God-ordained calling to the fullest extent of its potential. It is just that simple.

The Church should be the healthiest demographic on the planet. We have the wisdom and power of God through the Bible and the Holy Spirit to equip us, to furnish us, unto all good works. The world would be so impressed with our success in the area of reaching and maintaining our ideal body weights alone that they would be beating down our church doors to find out what we were doing differently, why we were doing it differently, and Who told us to do it differently; thereby offering one of the greatest evangelical opportunities the Church has ever known.

There is such a thing as dietary holiness; God’s standard for holy living concerning our dietary practices. And there is such a thing as dietary deception, which is the work of Satan, in conjunction with the cooperation of our fleshly natures, to deny that God has a call upon our lives to walk holy in the area of diet. The Church has misinterpreted, even modified, Scripture to justify their acceptance of dietary deception and its negative fruit.

Through dietary deception God’s people have become tired, sick, overweight, and are living a fraction of the years God intended. Consider lifespan. God says that we should live 120 years in Genesis 6:3. He then goes on to say in Psalm 90:7-12 that a people living in sin will only live 70 to 80 years, exactly how long we are living today. This should not be. God tells us that we will know evil by its evil fruit. Wisdom is screaming in the streets, to the Church and to you.

Through spiritual conditioning and God’s dietary directives, you will reach and maintain your ideal body weight. It’s your birthright, achievable through dietary holiness. Don’t allow Satan to steal your birthright any longer through dietary deception.

Come learn God’s Weigh to Your Ideal Weight.

Scott has pursued the study of health and weight loss, and what the Bible has to say about it, for over thirty years. Through the founding of God’s Weigh Ministry, and God’s Weigh to Your Ideal Body Weight, Scott hopes to lead the Church back to the body weight, health, and lifespan that God desires for His people.

Scott lives in Houston, Texas with his wife and five children. He enjoys watching his kids play a variety of sports, joining in as often as possible. Scott also enjoys studying the Bible to discover practical solutions to the problems and struggles facing God’s people in this modern world.


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