My Mother, Mi Vida, My Family
My Mother, Mi Vida, My Family
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The cover of this book was designed by a grandson of the subject of this book. The broken heart signifies the pain and sadness of all three characters, the subject, the author, and artist. When Erma was twenty-nine years old, her mother told her that she had a big heart with two wings. One wing was strength, and the other was sadness. Mother told Erma she needed Christ in her life to balance that big heart. Two years ago, Erma received a gift at Christmas from her oldest daughter. When she opened the present, it was a ceramic heart with two wings. At the first sight of the gift, Erma burst out crying with memories from a saying from her mother. Her two other siblings who were there were stunned and didn’t know what was going on. Imagine thirty years later how something from your past can come greet you.

# 1 Heart to Heart

Living in Sun City, Arizona, Erma likes sitting beside her fountain in the backyard, listening to the fighter jets that fly out of Luke AFB. Erma reminisces about her mother’s sayings and how everything makes sense now as an adult. Erma works in Hospice unit at the Veterans Hospital, where her caring heart goes out to the veterans.


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