Evil Deception
Evil Deception
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Unexpectedly, Alexander, who is only a young boy, finds himself attending his first Passover and witnessing the crucifixion of Jesus. In a strange twist of events, he uncovers Satan’s plan to deceive the church and the world. As the only person on earth who knows of Satan’s scheme, he falls under the protection of the powerful archangel, Michael. In for the journey and adventure of his life, he travels to the twenty-first century to warn the world.

Evil Deception takes you into the depths of Satan’s schemes throughout history, specifically his lies and deceptions that will usher in the end times. Though Satan has worked nonstop to kill the promised seed of God, since the fall of man into sin, his plan took a sinister turn on the day of the crucifixion which set the stage for the destruction of the church and the rise of the Antichrist.

The day started out just like any other day, with the morning mist burning off as the sun emerged from behind the early morning haze, but as the morning progressed something changed around the excavation site, a sense of doom emerged and the professor knew that any discovery today would be equivalent to finding the dark resting place of the Titanic. A dark evil penetrated the air surrounding the site, and everyone there knew this day wouldn’t end like any other —but no one could imagine the magnitude of devastation that was about to be unleashed. Satan’s plan to deceive and crush the Church would soon be released from the tomb.

Two months earlier, on the outskirts of Jerusalem, a new excavation site broke ground. For years, archeologists have been searching for artifacts to provide insight and understanding into the storied history of Biblical Jerusalem. Over the years, many artifacts with biblical significance have been found, but no one ever expected to unearth what would be found on this morning. The world as we know it was about to change; the ancient evil of Lucifer was about to be released, and no one could stop it.

No sooner had the dust started to clear than a tomb was spotted through the jagged edges of the rocks. As the workers approached the tomb, murmurs started surfacing that this tomb was cursed—that unusual wording was chiseled into the seal indicating that “Jesus of Nazareth” was buried inside. The foreman ordered the dig stopped until Dr. Alexander Spigelman of the Israeli Antiquities Authority, and the director of the excavation could be located. They approached the tomb with absolute respect and quickly wiped away the dust that had settled on the stone. What they found will change the world forever and set the stage for the rise of the Anti-Christ.

Bruce S. Poteat is a lifelong follower of Christ, a Sunday school teacher, and a retired professional firefighter. His debut novel, Evil Deception, is the result of a series of dreams and thoughts, spiritually derived, from over 20 years ago; providing a powerful message that he was only recently prompted to deliver. Bruce and his wife, Debi, are retired and living in a small community in North Georgia.

I found the book to be fascinating with a very plausible possibility of how Satan will attempt to discredit Christ God's Word and promises. As a first time author, Bruce has proven his ability to put thoughts into words and entertain the reader's imagination. I would recommend this book to all readers of any age as it challenges one to consider the unleashed fury of Satan in his attempt to rule victoriously.
Pattie Smith 
I enjoyed reading Evil Deception very much. It got me thinking about things that never occured to me before. The book is a fun read, packed with the unexpected.
Debi Poteat 
I picked up my copy today. Brought it home, got in my chair and proceeded to read. I could not put this book down. I read it in a couple of hours.
Bob Arnold 

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