More Than a Servant
More Than a Servant
The Touching Point of God
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Church is not somewhere we go... It is someone we become! More Than a Servant dives deep into this reality by underlining our most effective points of influence in this generation, while challenging our potential to pioneer uncommon change in our places of employment! 
Darryl L. Rivers pioneers a different mindset with his work put to pages. He brings revelatory yet simple ideals on reaching the world through demonstration backed by biblical truths. D.L. Rivers has been a government employee all of his adult life, from the United States Military, States Attorney Generals Office and local city government while pastoring local churches at the same time. More Than a Servant exposes the reality that everyone called of God is truly in full time ministry regardless of employment or position.

Workplace Discipline 
The book of Proverbs 3:11-12 says "My son, despise not the chastening of the Lord; neither be weary of his correction: For whom the Lord loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth." 
Chastening and correction are two separate things. We can easily get them confused. Chastening is for the purpose of causing one to have an experience that will be distasteful. This distasteful experience is usually the consequences of an action that was less than Godly. Chastening that is not followed by correction is similar to abuse, for the purpose of the chastening has to be made evident to the individual(s) being chastened. Imagine being pulled over by a law enforcement officer, and receiving a traffic ticket for $500 without being told what the citation was for, yet you have an inexcusable, inescapable obligation to pay the fine. Chances are that you will fight the consequences, due to you feeling not responsible for the fine, due to an unrevealed offense. 
You are being chastened without revelation. This makes the receipt of the chastening hard to endure, and also accept. When correction is applied, (revelation of the offense, and instruction on how to avoid further offences) 
and accepted, the chastening is understandable. This does not make it pleasurable, for if it were, it would not be considered chastening. It does make us aware of the consequences of our actions, and hopefully places us in a mental position to be in proper alignment with God! All things of God applied to the lives of men (mankind both male and female) lead to the proper ordained alignment with God Himself. 
Therefore chastisement, and correction are friends of your unmanifested greatness! Embrace them as agents of God sent into your life to bring out the true you that shall influence a generation. Do not rebel against the agent that God uses to bring about this change in your life. Recognize them in their vital assignment in your life; be careful to not fight against the agents of the Lord. Honor those who bring them into existence by the order of God. 
It is important to know that as a Christian you cannot get away with the things you see your co-workers get away with. As Chapter 2 states, you are the standard. It may seem as if there is favoritism afoot when others are praised, and you are criticized. You are correct, it is favoritism. It is one of several forms in which God’s favor upon you is manifested. This is not the most desirable manifestation. Do not allow yourself to misunderstand the favor of God to the point where you rebel against your employer, because God will not allow you to behave like everyone else. Once I truly accepted this reality, I was at peace, and stopped comparing how I was treated in contrast to how others were treated in my agency. 
I realized that if I had a problem, my problem was not with the agency, it was with God. God deals with those whom are His! You should count it a privilege to have God holding you accountable, and not allowing you to be conformed to the ways of the world. Please know that God is not punishing you. Punishment is being condemned to hell, and correction is to prevent punishment. When we accept correction, we accept responsibility. The word correction has been misunderstood and therefore the application/acceptance of it has not taken effect as it should. The prefix “co” means along with, or together. The root word “rect” means a place of authority, or rulership. When God corrects, he is inviting you to co-rule with Him. He gives us the proper mentality to exercise His authority through His patterns and principles. 
When we feel restrained we feel rebellious. We fail to realize, there is no greater freedom than Gods restraint!

A man on a mission, passionate about purpose and the pursuit of greatness, Darryl L. Rivers is truly a pioneer of godly designs and demonstration. Currently the leader and house visionary for PowerHouse Worship Center in Peoria Arizona, Darryl continually promotes a meaningful transformational style of ministry through revelatory apostolic teaching. 

He is an Arizona resident originally from Detroit, Michigan. Darryl truly understands being a servant with authority. He has served our country in the United States Military in the early 1990s, and his hometown of Detroit as a police officer. He has served the state of Arizona as special agent with the state attorney general’s office, and local municipalities as a police officer, police detective, and police sergeant, all while pastoring local churches at the same time. 

He shares his successes and accomplishments with his wife, friend, and co-worker in the faith, Monique Rivers. Together they have three wonderful, spirit-filled children, Mia, Domonique, and Darryl Jr.


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