Walking Down a Street Named Grace
Walking Down a Street Named Grace
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book was based on the true story of a woman who found her way to life on the streets, through drugs and alcohol, and back again, transformed by the love of God and an active program of recovery.

This is one woman’s story of redemption in which she overcomes the addictions of her heart by placing her trust, future, and hope faithfully in Jesus Christ. From lost to saved, from legalistic acts of worship to a loving relationship and trust in the Lord, true repentance and true forgiveness of her own personal sins led her out of the destructive and broken life of drugs, homelessness, love in all the wrong places. Out of the darkness of this world she finds light in the arms of God’s grace and mercy. Sharing her testimony in these chapters, she seeks to offer faith and truth as well as hope for a life lived day by day not perfectly but perfectly saved by a God who Is, Was, and always will Be exactly what all of our hearts most crave.
– Ashley Young

She opened the door to the grass and the sunlight. There was no fence on this yard and she knew that if she wanted to, that she could bolt for freedom and drugs but she stayed. She was going to give sobriety one last shot. This was it! Again, she thought of how much she would need a higher power in order to work the program of recovery and she thought about her God, the One true God, the triune Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, and how angry she was with Him still. She knew that she had to get past this and as selfish as it was, she began to pray. “OK, God! Here I am!” she prayed. “I’m still really mad at You but I’m here to give this and You another chance. I suppose that I need You so if You could, please, forgive me of my anger and selfishness and please help me.” “I have failed everyone, myself included and You, Father, and I am tired… so Lord, if You see fit to help me, this one last time, please do so, now. Please give me another chance, too. For it’s in Christ’s name, Amen.” Her prayer had moved from selfish in nature to a bit more sincere. Her self-worth, however, was so low at this point; she doubted that God would give her ear to hear. She had a hard time believing any of His promises right now because of how terribly she had failed Him. She was still hearing the lies of the enemy, coming from the demon addiction inside of her. He was speaking to her still, loud and clear.

I’m a longtime resident of Chattanooga, Tennessee, married to my sweet husband, Verlon Liles, and between us we have four children and one daughter-in-law. I’m a member of Dallas Bay Baptist Church and sing in the choir. Because of God, my life has been transformed forever.

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Thoroughly appreciated this woman's transparency in sharing her story. The author lays it all out on the table and demonstrates God's redeeming love.
Beverly Cummings 

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