Flowing from My Heart
Flowing from My Heart
Letters from a Father to a Son
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The road to manhood is tough! God’s design is for fathers to help their sons get on and navigate this sometimes overwhelming highway. Flowing from My Heart: Letters from a Father to a Son identifies eight things that a father should share with his son about manhood:

  • Identity—who you are
  • Responsibility—what you should do
  • Integrity—how you should carry yourself
  • Failure—what to do when things fall apart
  • Forgiveness—how to forgive yourself and others
  • Happiness—why you will keep chasing it
  • Love—how real men love
  • Marriage—what goes into a godly marriage

What should a father say about these topics? What does God say about them?

God desires that the hearts of fathers be turned to their children and the hearts of children be turned to their fathers (Malachi 4:6). Flowing from My Heart provides eight conversations that can help hearts to turn.

How important is it for you to know who you are and connect with your father? Critically important. I grew up in the house with my mother and grandmother. I knew my dad and I got to see him often, but I didn’t grow up imprinting off him. We didn’t talk every day; I didn’t see him every day or even every week. As a result, I learned a lot about manhood from the other men my mother placed in my life, my uncle, my grandpa, men at church, etc. That helped but it didn’t satisfy the need that every boy has to connect to and imprint from my daddy. Not any guy, but my dad! That need is in all boys just like the need is in all people to connect to their heavenly Father. People don’t understand that longing and often attempt to satisfy it with other things and other people. Mankind created all kinds of mythology, gods, idols, and things to worship to try to meet that need.

Sherman M. Nelson Jr. is a licensed Baptist minister, former youth pastor and mentor to dozens of young people throughout the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. He is driven by a desire to see all of God’s people live life to their fullest potential. He currently resides in the District of Columbia.


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