Life at Ground Zero
Life at Ground Zero
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Where are you? Life is uncertain. Skyscrapers crash and so do stock markets. Bodies get broken, and so do relationships. Our health declines and marriages fail. Ground Zero brings us to places where we see how little is in our control, and how God still gives people a second chance to bounce back in life.

Life at Ground Zero is a book that offers hands on help to those who are down and out, despondent and depressed by the down turn of events in their lives. My first real test in ministry came 10 years ago when I was called to pastor a little store-front church that was on the verge of closing. At the time, the memebrship was composed of 7 people, and many told me that I would not last as the church's pastor. But God allowed that little church of 7 committed men and women to increase to 150 in less than three years. From that place of zero, the Lord was orchestrating his plan to add five other church plants in the U.S., the Caribbean and a school in the Philippines, from a church that had its bouts with zeros. I believe unequivocally that God can use you even at that place where it seems that you are down to nothing.

Dr. Gary A. Thomas is the senior pastor of the New Birth Pentecostal Church of God in Bronx, New York. He is also a high school history teacher with the New York City Board of Education. He received training from the City University of New York, where he earned five professional degrees in human services, anthropology, social studies, history, and religion. He is also a graduate of New York Theological Seminary with a doctorate in urban ministry. Dr. Thomas is the author of Try Again: Help is on the Way and New Birth Pentecostal Church Book of Discipline. He has written several academic and religious articles, and he has conducted anthropological research in Egypt and Fiji. He has held adjunct appointments at Lehman College as a study skills consultant and anthropology lecturer, and he received the instructor of the year award in 2001. He is married to Sophia and has one son, Lorima.

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